Fire Alarm Installations Right the First Time Why You Need a Professional

There are a wide range of requirements and codes that apply to commercial fire alarm systems, which may vary based on how the commercial space is being used. For example, data centers that are less than 2,500 square feet require an early warning fire detection system.

Another example if the storage of chemicals, which each have their own specific requirements when it comes to a fire alarm system and possible suppression system. As a business owner or property manager, there are way more codes than one is expected to remember in addition to all of their other duties.

When looking at fire alarm installations, it is best to work with a trained and certified professional. A professional will already be aware of the applicable fire codes and building ordinances that will apply to your particular structure.

As any owner or manager can attest to, watching the bottom line is essential to the survival and growth of any business. However, it is also essential to know when spending money is required. Attempting to save money on fire alarm installations by utilizing a general handyman of current staff is a significant and potentially costly mistake.

While a skilled handyman may be able to figure out how to install a fire alarm system, it is unlikely they will be aware of all the factors that need to be considered in the placement of the various elements. Additionally, it is unlikely they will have current knowledge of all applicable laws.

If the building you own or oversee has a fire and it is later determined the fire alarm systems were not properly installed, the lawsuits and fines that follow will likely be enough to put the company out of business.

It is unlikely the system would pass a fire alarm inspection, which means the money you saved by not hiring a professional will be wasted hiring a professional to fix it and bring it up to code.

There are many things a management company needs to be aware of and knowledgeable about including building codes, tenant laws, building maintenance best practices, marketing, and more. A vital part of successfully managing a property is knowing when it is most prudent to outsource a service.

Fire alarm installations are a perfect example of a service that should be outsourced to save time, money, and aggravation. When the cost of learning to do something properly is more than the cost of hiring someone who already knows, it becomes clear where the spending priority needs to be. Frugal spending includes knowing when to spend money; not just when to save it.

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