Finding the Inside Sales Solution to Fit Your Needs

Outsourced sales management

The inside sales consulting industry can be a bit tricky to navigate for a business that is looking to get a boost in sales volume in a hurry. Using contract sales forces in some way is not unusual for many businesses. In fact, half of all companies that operate in North America use contract sales forces to acquire leads and sales.

One of the benefits of using outside sales companies for lead generation and sales acquisition is that they are typically small agencies, maybe five to ten people. This is a major benefit because your company will receive a more personal touch. When you outsource inside sales, you bring on board a company that can bring in fresh leads and takes care of the initial work of bringing the clients onboard for you.

Recently, a survey in the Harvard Business Review found that just over three-quarters of those who were surveyed felt that outsourcing leads actually increases call volume and sales. This is a model that is highly effective in bringing more business to your company. Any inside sales consulting practices that can boost your bottom line is a solid place to start.

With the right inside sales consulting team, you get more than just leads, you get a comprehensive plan to increase the quality of everything you are doing. The consulting team will assist your inside sales team in creating and developing plans to increase your bottom line by learning to navigate sales challenges and pitfalls.

In addition, they will help you set up a framework to create job descriptions, develop research tools and strategies, establish territories for accounts, and even create plans to help manage employee performance and productivity.

Hiring and business development programs are also a large part of what inside sales consulting can be about. They often offer training for business development associates who work in the B2B sales positions. This training often involves a great deal of role-playing and phone practice. Which makes it a very practical and important part of the training process.

When employees are going after new business and new sales, it is important that they all be on the same page. A plan that is put into place that every sales employee knows and knows well enables that sales associate to represent the company as a whole. The person on the other end of the line will be confident and comfortable with the sale the employee is laying out for them. In other words, the clients will know exactly what they are getting.

Inside sales consulting has many benefits to companies large and small. From training and development of sales staff to benefits for management personnel, your entire company will see increases in productivity and performance.

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