Find the Right Cleaning Services for Your Company with These Tips

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You want your business to be clean. This may mean more when you have customers coming and going all day. For health clubs, most of their customers want to work out in a clean environment. At least 84% of all people with health club memberships expect their gyms to be kept clean. More than 71% of people who go to the gyn say they will not work out in facilities that are not clean. Offices can also be breading ground for germs. About 10% of computer users never clean their keyboards. If you are looking to hire new a cleaning services company to take care of your business, there are ways to make sure you get the right one.

  1. Ask your friends. If you know other business owners, ask them who they use to clean their business. Ask them how they found the company and what they like and dislike about the services they provide. The best way to find quality products and services is always from a personal referral. You may not always use the same company as your friends but this can get your started on the right path in finding the right cleaning services company for your business.
  2. Do they have references? Ask if you can talk to their current or former clients. You want to know that they follow through on their promises. Ask their references about the level of customer service they provide. Look into the janitorial services company’s reputation. You can look at sites such as Yelp and Facebook. When you are looking at the reviews and comments that are left online, you need to remember that many people are more likely to leave mean or snarly comments before they leave compliment. This is more true when they leave their thoughts anonymously. Just keep that in mind when you are looking at the online comments. Look at the same kinds of reviews for the other cleaning services companies in your areas.
  3. When can they clean your business? Many cleaning services companies work at night and on the weekends so they can take care of businesses when the employees are not at work. If you run a retail business, you have different needs for your cleaning services company than if you run an office. You need to find a professional janitorial service that will work around your business’s schedule.
  4. Ask about how they find their workers. You should ask what their hiring guidelines are and what kinds of background checks they do on their workers. If they are going to have access to your business when no one is around, you need to feel comfortable with the people they are sending to clean your business.
  5. What kind of insurance do they have? If someone is injured while working at your business, you need to know that the cleaning service company has the right insurance to cover that. If one of their workers damages any of the equipment at your business, you need to be sure that it will be covered by the cleaning services company’s insurance. You should verify anything that they tell you.
  6. Ask about the products they use. There are a lot of cleaners who offer green cleaning services. New research has shown that many of the products that are often used to clean offices and homes are dangerous to people’s health. When you are talking to different cleaning services companies, you should ask what kinds of products they will be using in your place of business. There are a lot of benefits of green carpet cleaning, for instance, so hiring a company that uses environmentally friendly products is a good idea.
  7. Ask about their turnover rate. How long do their workers stay with the company? There are a number of reasons cleaning services companies have high or low turnover rates. Workers who are happy where they work do a better job. For workers who have to be trusted to work independently, it is more important that they are treated well as these workers do a better job. Those are the people you want cleaning your business.

You can find the right cleaning company to help your business.

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