Factors that Contribute to a Decreasing Water Supply

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Access to fresh water is a huge problem all over the world. Many countries do not even have reliability capabilities and do not have access to clean water for drinking purposes. Even the United States has many sources of water that are unsanitary and unsuitable for consumption. There are a few factors that contribute to unsanitary water supplies. Understanding what these causes are can lead to a solution.

Ocean water makes up the majority of the planet
Although the planet is covered in water and there are more water supplies than land, only about 1% of the Earth?s water is suitable for drinking. Additionally, only 3% of Earth?s water is fresh water. This means that you are only starting out with a small amount of water. When you factor in other pollution sources, there really is not that much fresh water available. Ocean water is not suitable for other purposes because it is often contaminated and contains products that are not possible to entirely filter out.

Pollution of large industries
Large commercial industries also contribute to pollution of the available fresh water. Each year, approximately 16,000 chemical spills occur from trucks, trains, and storage tanks, often when materials are being transferred. Once a large scale spill occurs, especially with oil or fuel, it cannot be entirely removed from the water source. Additionally, many manufacturers illegally dump extra waste and product into local water sources. Because most water sources are connected in some way, it can affect a large portion of the available water supply.

Residential pollution problems
Pollution can also occur at the residential level. When people use large amounts of pesticides and chemical on the exterior of their properties, it can damage local waterways. Again, because the majority of waterways are connected to one another, it can significantly affect the overall water supply and its quality. Residential property owners can improve the quality of local waterways by avoiding washing off chemical filled products. Another solution is to hire commercial dewatering services at the city level. Cleaning up each city will eventually contribute to fresher water everywhere.

How to increase fresh drinking water supplies
What can be done to solve the decreasing water supply problem? One solution is to take better care of our water supply. However, because there are multiple consumers and industries contributing to the water problem, it is almost impossible to guarantee that everyone and every business will make a change. Despite laws to prevent chemical dumping into local waterways, it still happens, both at the commercial and residential levels. Another solution is to bring in professional dewatering contractors.

Environmental contracting contractors are familiar with current supply levels and the current fresh water problem. Not only can they test current water supplies, but they can also make professional recommendations for improving water supply. Additionally, another important solution to consider is professional remediation services. This is the process of actually going into the waterways and cleaning them up.

The United States is not as aware of the clean water drinking shortage. We can easily run to our bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room sink and turn on the water for fresh drinkable water. Other countries, however, do not even have enough water supplies to drink on a daily basis. Severe pollution and contamination effects the already limited supply that we have on the planet. With professional remediation services and the expertise of environmental contractors, we can only hope to improve the water supply and prevent a serious water crisis.

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