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Business degrees are a popular choice for people seeking out a stable, financially successful career. While many people may choose to concentrate their studies in accounting or financial services, a lucrative sector of almost all service and product base companies is a sales career path. A career in sales often starts with an executive sales recruitment process that seeks out individuals who are business savvy, educated in the world of business, and are able to effectively communicate. Executive sales recruitment may start at college fairs or local job fairs or even by word of mouth and recommendations. Many companies enlist a sales staffing agency to find the right candidates for a sales position in their organization as opposed to seeking them out directly. Sales recruitment specialists look for many things in possible candidates including:

  • Strong communication skills, both verbal and written, as the selling process requires sales reps to converse with many different people to push a product or service
  • Likeable and extroverted personalities to maintain lasting and strong professional relationships with current, past, and potential customers
  • Relevant past experience in a similar field or a hard work ethic and strong desire to learn the craft of sales
  • Confidence in their ability to sell and communicate with others by knowing their product or services inside and out
  • Perseverance to keep at a sales pitch and patience to know that not every sales process is timely
  • High quality research skills to fully understand their prospects needs and how they can be benefited by the product or service the business provides
  • A willingness to learn from veteran sales representatives in addition to any training or sales management certification that may be offered
  • Technological skills that allow for success with using company software to log sales, make sales, and manage a sales rep’s contacts

A career in sales is often based on a salary plus commission to encourage the employees to make their quota through financial reward. Another benefit of many sales representative positions is that they offer the opportunity to travel, from conventions to pitching sales directly in prospect’s offices to business meetings and lunches, making the career very appealing to those who are looking for something that does not keep them in the office. For the right business minded person with a good personality and penchant for communicating the services and products offered, a sales career can be a very successful business endeavor.

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