Even Small Charitable Gifts Can Have a Big Impact

The tears were sudden.

As you arrived to the church parking lot that morning, you intended to stay until the bus departed for the National Youth Gathering. You intended to smile and laugh and visit with the other parents. You intended to talk to your daughter and her friends about the 15 hour bus ride they would have and the schedule that they would follow.

Your intentions, however, washed away as the sudden flood of emotions caught you off guard. Instead, you gave your daughter a hug, told her you loved her, and made a quick departure.
Emotions can be a funny thing. They can catch you off guard when you least expect them and they can cause you to pause and reconsider the choices and decisions you have made. They can cause you to be happy with the prospect of your 17 year old daughter’s adventure, while at the same time make you so sad that you cannot function in a crowd.

If you are having one of those kinds of days were the tears simply will not stop, you might benefit from finding a way to channel your energies. If you are missing your daughter who will be gone for a week you might decide to clean out a closet and make some used clothing donations to local charities. if the morning news cycle leaves you shaking your head, you might schedule an appointment with a Purple Heart charity pick up. Sometimes, finding a way to be productive can help you deal with the even the most unpredictable emotions.

Americans Continue to Look for Opportunities for Helping Families in Need

Whether it is through clothes donations or a monetary gif, there are many ways that people across the country can find a way to contribute to the greater good. In a time when the political climate can seem like it is too much to handle, many people find themselves looking for ways to make a difference. In fact, total giving to charitable organizations was $358.38 billion in the year 2014, and indications are that trend is not slowing down. Whether you are scheduling an appointment for a Purple Heart charity pick up of you are looking for other ways to make a difference in your community, there is always something that you can do.

The next time you find yourself down in the dumps, consider making a donation to a local group. Better yet, encourage your friends to join you and do the same. Did you know, for instance, that as many as 70% of social media users indicate that they would take some kind of action in response to a friend posting a story on social media about making a charitable donation? Instead of the tears flowing, may you can start another uncontrollable reaction by encouraging others to schedule a Purple Heart charity pick up or make another kind of donation.

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