Don’t Buy Those Generic Grocery Store Greeting Cards, Make Your Own!

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Have you ever considered making your own online photo greeting cards? You probably always head to your local grocery store or CVS to pick out a Christmas card, or one to wish your friends a happy New Year.

But if you go online, you will find a larger variety of options. You can choose from several different templates on a various websites, and you can put together the perfect card.

Here are some of the options you have when you make your own.

  • Photo Quality. With your own online photo greeting cards, you have the ability to add in any picture you want, and you don’t have to go with what is already printed. This means that you are at liberty to nix any pictures that don’t look perfect in your template, and only send your friends and family the highest quality photos. Also, in many cases, when you send your pictures and card off for professional printing through a photographer, you may not get the picture you want fit into the template. When you make your own photo greeting cards, you have the final say.
  • Paper Choice. Not every card you pick up at the grocery store is made from high quality paper. Some of them are generic card stock, and the ones that are slightly more fancy are more expensive. If you browse websites that offer do-it-yourself greeting card templates, you will find that your paper options are endless. You can choose from a shiny or matte finish, and even choose from textured paper and a variety of colors.
  • More Creativity. While you do have the ability to choose from existing templates, there are some sites that let you design your own custom photo greeting cards, and even create custom envelopes to match. They have tools that you can use to add lines, shapes, text, and colors to the template, completely remaking it with your own flare. You can also insert your pictures and preview your creation several times before approving it for print.

So, there’s no need to rely on the grocery store to provide you with your greeting cards. You can have a lot more fun, and get exactly what you want by making them on your own. References.

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