Does Your Company’s Digital Marketing Help You Attract More Traffic?

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A stone washed purple tank top from a company that donates a portion of its profits to an endangered animal fund.
A set of six neon colored socks that are cut low so that they are a perfect fit for wearing inside of deck shoes.
Gift certificates for two local golf courses that you will give your husband as christmas gifts.
A pair of designer sunglasses that you found at a real bargain.
A ticket for an authors appearance next month who will be in town to talk about the role of women and recording historical fiction.
Quite an interesting list of purchases, wouldn’t you say?
If you would have had to drive around town to make all of these purchases, you likely would have spent a good deal less money. As it is, however, most of the items were purchased online.
If you are like most consumers today, digital marketing likely plays an important role in the purchases that you make. And while some items are bought online and delivered to your house, other items are bought at the store, but only after careful research online. In fact, 80% of consumers indicate that they do a significant amount of online research before making major purchase decisions. In addition, 46% of consumers indicate that they count on social media when making decisions about their purchases.
Web Design Services Combined with Other Digital Marketing Techniques are Today’s Best Advertising Methods
As many as 27 million pieces of content are shared on the internet every day. Competition for attention on the internet is fierce. If you want to make sure that your product or service stands out you will need to make sure that you find a way to move to the top of search lists. Outsourcing to a company that can provide search engine optimization is the most effective way to control search result placement. Search engine optimization companies can help your business generate a list of keywords that can be used in organic content. These words, embedded in your content, can then direct customers to your site.
Every visit to your site increases the chance of your company moving up in future searches. Digital marketing is the internet’s version of what used to be advertising in the newspaper, magazine, and radio. The beauty of digital marketing, however, is that the organic content can be specifically directed toward the customers who might be most interested in your products or services.
Consider some of these other statistics about digital marketing:

  • 74% of brand marketing companies saw a website traffic increase after investing a mere six hours a week in social media posts and shares.
  • 78% of businesses indicate that they had dedicated social media teams in 2015. This percentage is an increase from 67% in 2012.
  • 62% of companies indicate that they outsource their content marketing.
  • 25% of total marketing budgets in 2014 were spent on digital content and development. By 2019, experts predict that the percentage spent on digital will jump to 75%.
  • 67% more leads are generated by B2B companies that blog than the companies that do not blog.
  • $118 billion was spend on content marketing in 2015.

Is It Time to Update Your Digital Marketing Techniques?
Companies that do not embrace the digital marketing platform are companies that will not be successful. Constant contact with today’s customers through social media posts, text notifications, and blogs is what drives today’s digital marketing. Just as companies outsourced their advertising designs and campaigns in the past, today’s companies find that it is essential to outsource digital marketing.
Search engine optimization companies can analyze data, track trends, and develop new digital marketing techniques. Although businesses may have once thought it was easy enough to create some of their own organic content, most business owners eventually realize that it makes more sense to focus on a company’s products and services and leave the marketing details to an outside expert.

By simply taking a look at the purchases that you made today you may be able to understand how today’s digital world drives the money that we spend. Any time you use an internet search for a business’s location or the best price on a given product, you are producing more evidence that digital marketing techniques drive today’s economy.

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