Customized Fire Safety Plans for Hospitals, Data Centers and Hotels

Fire sprinkler services

For commercial and public buildings like businesses, hotels, condos, apartments, data centers, hospitals and warehouses, fire safety and prevention is an essential concern. Property managers should be familiar with the different types of types of fire protection services, including alarms, fire sprinkler services and fire suppression systems. A professional fire protection service can design a unique and customized fire safety plan for each building, incorporating the different aspects of fire safety.

Customized fire safety design and services
Different types of facilities, such as data centers, hospitals, warehouses etc. have different needs when it comes to fire safety and protection. For example, data centers need to protect their equipment from smoke as well as fire, and fire retardant materials should not harm the equipment. Hospitals safety plans must take into consideration the lack of mobility of patients as well as the protection of equipment and data.
For each type of building and facility, professional fire protection services provide customized solutions, from sales, through installation, to inspections and maintenance of fire alarms, sprinklers and suppression systems.

  • Data centers
    Fire protection companies understand the special needs of data centers, where equipment and data can be harmed by smoke and heat as well as fire. The primary consideration here is to prevent loss of data and productivity. Down time in a data center can be costly, causing losses of as much as $ 2 million per hour.
    Comprehensive fire detection and suppression services for data centers focus on effective monitoring and clean agent fire suppression systems. Early detection is of the greatest importance in data centers, because smoke can harm equipment and data. In fact, in computer room fires, about 90% of the damage is due to smoke. Clean Agent Fire Suppression is a better choice for data centers than fire sprinkler services, because it is less harmful and damaging to equipment and data. There is no residue and the fast acting suppressant is safe for people, minimizing downtime.

  • Hospitals
    Hospitals present special challenges in designing fire protection systems, due to the lack of mobility of the patients. In this situation, the safety of patients depends upon combining fire alarms with 24-hour monitoring and immediate notification of fire officials. Hospital staff must also be trained for an immediate and structured response.
    Hospital fire sprinkler services are focused on containing any fires to specific areas or rooms, to keep them from spreading and to allow for the evacuation of staff and patients. All alarm systems as well as sprinklers and suppression systems should be constantly monitored to ensure that they are working at full efficiency. Like data centers, hospitals have valuable equipment and data which must be protected from smoke, heat and fire suppressant material.

  • Hotels
    For hotels, the safety of guests and employees as well as the protection of assets is the primary concern. Regular inspection and monitoring of the premises is the best safety measure. Combined with alarms, monitoring systems, fire sprinkler systems and fire suppression, a customized fire safety and prevention plan can keep guests and property safe.

Industrial fire protection services can develop and implement comprehensive fire safety plans and systems for different types of buildings, taking into account their special needs. When it comes to the safety of property, people and data, it’s best to rely on the professionals.

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