Cruise Ships Grow in Popularity

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While cruise ships and ocean liners are both passenger ships, there are significant differences in purpose, construction and capability. Cruise ships are not really intended for transporting people from one location to another; they offer passengers a pleasant sea voyage experience, with luxurious amenities and stops at interesting ports. But ships of all sizes and purposes need reliable marine spare parts to function smoothly and safely.

Cruise ships growing in popularity

Since 2001, the cruise ship industry has grown rapidly, with new ships being built for a North American and European clientele. By 2011, the cruise ship industry was worth U.S.$29.4 billion worldwide and carried over 19 million passengers. Two ships belonging to the Royal Caribbean International line – Oasis of the Seas and Allure of the Seas, its sister ship – are the two largest cruise ships.

Cruise ships have added more and more luxury features to appeal to passengers, particularly in terms of culinary choices. But some of these modifications have come at the cost of seaworthiness. A reliable company that supplies marine spare parts can make sure that the ship and passengers can complete the trip in safety and comfort.

Ocean liners provided luxurious sea transport

As more and more ocean liners are used as cruise ships, the differences between the two are being blurred. For example, ships like the Marco Polo and Mona Lisa, which were formerly ocean liners, are now being used as cruise ships. In fact, the Cunard Line’s Queen Mary 2 is the only remaining dedicated ocean liner.

Ocean liners have most of the luxurious features of cruise ships, but there are significant differences in construction. Ocean liners were built for long sea voyages, and are constructed to a higher standard of seaworthiness. They were built to withstand rough seas and difficult conditions encountered during long voyages.

By the same token, ocean liners were less suitable for cruises, since they could not enter the shallow harbors in many ports. The emphasis was on passenger numbers rather than comfort.

Marine services

Cruise ships normally stock up at the home port. They also have designated suppliers at ports of call, with special arrangements to provide supplies that may be running low, or food and drinks with local interest. Whatever the purpose of the ship, it will sooner or later need reliable dry docking repairs as well as an experienced installation team that can install cruise vessel parts and equipment. A company that offers marine spare parts as well as total care marine service is an essential part for a cruise ship or ocean liner company. Helpful sites.

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