Could Your Home Benefit from Additional New Insulation?

By reducing energy costs and creating healthier environments, spray foam rigs play an increasingly popular role in the construction industry. From residential to commercial projects, there are a number of settings when spray foam trailers for sale can serve as an economic asset to many people. With low pressure systems that can be employed by amateur workers, small renovation projects can be completed so they are more energy efficient. When used by professionally trained installers, spray foam insulation can be expertly added to any work or business space.

Spray foam trailers for sale offer a way for contractors to easily transport their equipment and services to any site, in the city or in a rural area. Making sure that this insulation is professionally installed can help property owners add value to any space.

Spray Foam Insulation Products Play an Important Role in Many Construction Projects

Heating and cooling systems work more efficiently in a space that is well insulated. In addition, new home construction can benefit from adding the proper amount of insulation to any space. In a time when more and more consumers are concerned about creating spaces that are energy efficient, it only makes sense that there are a growing number of projects that can benefit from new insulation. Spray foam insulation which can fill an entire space is the way that many contractors like to complete any job that they are working on.

Consider these facts and figures about the industry that is creating healthy living spaces that are energy efficient:

  • The total consumption of energy in the U.S. in 2016 was approximately 97.4 quadrillion, or 1,000 trillion, BTUs.
  • Ranking second behind China, the U.S. consumed the most energy in the world in 2016 by using 2,272.7 million metric tons of oil.
  • 82% is the portion of the U.S.’s annual energy created by fossil fuel combustion.
  • 40% of the energy loss in a building is due to poor air filtration.
  • Adding insulation and properly sealing air leaks can slash monthly energy bills by as much as 20%, according to the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Energy Star Program estimates.
  • $400 billion is the combined yearly energy costs of all the industrial and commercial buildings in the U.S.

Contractors who want to create an energy efficient and healthy building for their clients make the decision to install spray foam installation.

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