Could Digital LED Signage Help Your Company Get Noticed?

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LED sign manufacturers have been busy for weeks making preparations to ring in the new year. As 2016 approaches and communities around the world create memorable ways to celebrate another January 31, LED sign manufacturers and banner solution companies create new patterns and digital graphics to help partiers celebrate the change.
While turning the calendar to a new year has even more people than normal looking up and toward digital signage, the sign manufacturers and their entire industry pay attention to digital displays year round.
Typically, creative sign designs are created for the purpose of advertising, not celebrating. Every day that a consumer drives to and from work, he or she is bombarded with everything from car wrap advertising to billboard messages to real estate signs. While your eyes may intentionally search for the latest nation wide lottery payout tallied by a digital sign, without knowing it these drivers are also consuming many other messages while on the road.
Outdoor business signs are an art and a guide as travelers around the country keep track of where they are on their journey, while also looking for the next great place to stop and eat. Many times it is the digital moving image that attracts a potential customer?s attention. In fact, businesses who use digital signs to advertise their locations generate as much as 30% more sales than businesses that rely on traditional, non-electronic signage.
Just as a consumer?s life on the internet can be a constant battle to stay focused on tasks and ignore the temptation to visit advertised sites, a walking or driving consumer also makes his or her way through a lot of visual clutter. The fact of the matter is digital displays get noticed. Nearly 40% of the shopping population admit to being more likely to make a purchase from companies that use digital signage.
LED sign manufacturers are a noticeable part of a very large industry. In fact, the worldwide digital sign market is expected to become an industry worth $20.03 billion by the year 2020, according to a Grand View Research Inc. recent study. If your business does not look at digital signage as an option, your company name could get lost in this sea of signs of your competitors.
Whether you are a small coffee shop just a block off a local highway, or you are a large furniture store that can afford to advertise your showroom miles before your exit on a major interstate, sign suppliers are seeking your attention so that they can help you capture the attention of your future and returning customers.

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