Construction Projects of All Kinds and Sizes Rely on Strong and Stable Foundations

Beyond every bridge and structure is a significant support system. Behind and beneath every building and structure is a concrete base that provides strength. From anchored wall systems to earth retention structures, there are a variety of ways to make sure that we live in a safe world. Concrete structures are a great way to make sure that the buildings we go into and the roads that we drive on will provide us a safe way to live our lives.
Civil construction companies help their clients understand the needed retaining walls and other support structures that must be in place before many projects can begin. Stabilizing an embankment, for instance, is a requirement before any bridge work can be started. In fact, there are a number of requirements in place that specifically outline the work that earth retention contractors do, as well as the need for anchored wall systems for any construction project.

Civil Engineers and Other Contractors Provide the Needed Structures Behind Many Construction Projects

You likely do not have to drive far from your home or office to come across a construction project. In fact, in these last few months before winter weather arrives construction projects really kick into high gear. From houses to office buildings to roads and bridges, it is important that the necessary structural pieces are in place before any project begins. Consider some of these facts and figures about the concrete and retaining business, as well as the anchored wall systems that are needed before many projects begin:

  • Concrete is used more than any other human made material on this planet.
  • 6 billion cubic meters of concrete is made every year.
  • 2 billion tons of cement are produced every year.
  • Retaining walls larger than four feet require some basic engineering, as well as an understanding of local building codes.
  • Compressively strong, concrete strengths of as much as 20,000 psi are possible. More commonly, however, strengths between 3,000 and 7,000 psi are used.
  • Earth retaining methods can help alleviate the $750 million spent every year to repair shallow landslides.

By paying close attention to the necessary foundations that are needed, builders and contractors use retaining walls, anchored wall systems, and other structural bases to stabilize projects even before the real construction takes place.

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