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Computer technology is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. With more and more businesses, organizations and individuals using computer technology every day, in a variety of ways, the demand for computers and related technologies continues to increase significantly every year.

One such related technology is that of the computer server.

Computer servers are used to manage various network activities. They keep multiple computers setup in the same network, or those with permission to access the network, connected. For instance companies who have their own email services, intranet or shared data systems, often run because they are connected to servers.

There are all types of computers servers, often dedicated to specific tasks, such as print servers, database servers and file servers. Large amounts of data are saved to these servers. Then, anyone with access to these servers can share and use stored data and programs. Computer servers effectively connect people and make workflow much more efficient as multiple users have access to needed information.

With an annual revenue of nearly $14 billion, the computer server manufacturing industry is a hot pocket in the tech world. In the U.S. there are some 334 computer server manufacturing companies with approximately 9,566 people employed, and that number is on the rise. As more and more people come to rely on the ability to easily store and share data, computer servers gain popularity. As such, it is important to properly install, maintain and protect computer servers.

Many computer server installers have used server racks to install and house server units. A server rack cabinet typically contains several mounting slots, called bays, each of which can house a hardware unit. Just one 19 or 23 inch server rack can hold from 42 to hundreds of servers.

Server racks can be placed in various server enclosures, such as server rack cabinets, a server rack case or even mounted on the wall on a rack mount shelf. The relative small space computer racks take up make them appealing to many companies. The important information they contain can be placed in nearly any location, and rack enclosures keep the system safe from every day harm or tampering.

Computer server racks come in a variety of options. There are various server rack sizes, enclosure choices and server power distribution units to choose from. The needs of small non profits to international corporations can be met by computer server racks. And if you aren’t sure about what type of rack is right for your needs, used server racks can be purchased at affordable rates and tested to see which would be most appropriate.

In today’s world, it is necessary to keep up with the latest technologies. Sharing data is becoming a necessity in all career paths. It is important to stay on top of the latest trends and be informed on how new technologies can affect you. By understanding how they are installed and used server racks don’t seem like such an intimidating service anymore.

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