Commercial HVAC Contractors Can Solve Many Emergency Problems

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It was a memorable summer, but not for the right reasons.
With Saturday after Saturday booked with summer weddings, the news of a failing HVAC system was the last thing that the church staff wanted to deal with. Although the staff realized that the summer weddings were only a small part of the overall ministry that the church offered, it seemed that everyone’s energy was directed at one thing: keeping the sanctuary cool. Whether it was during the Saturday wedding ceremonies or the Sunday morning services, the task of keeping the sanctuary comfortable was a challenge.
The replacement project was extensive, but it was fortunate that the large church actually had three separate HVAC systems. With additions that had been put in place over 20 years and three different basements, the separate HVAC systems were a unique set up, but they also helped provide a solution to the sanctuary cooling problem. with an inventive approach, in fact, large flexible tubing was used to bring cold air from the basement below the sanctuary into the sanctuary when necessary. It was not the most efficient system, but it worked for the hours the large sanctuary was in use.
Commercial HVAC season is in full swing. As venues across the country prepare for high school and college graduations, weddings, family reunions, and other special events, few things are more important than having a comfortable temperature.
The band can be booked, the tables decorated, the food prepared, but if the commercial HVAC system is not working, the event can be a complete fail. From Chicago HVAC contractors to HVAC companies on both coasts, making sure that your customers have the cooling air when they need it is essential. The HVAC service industry, more than must other contractors, are often responsible for a wedding that everyone wants to remember or a service that everyone wants to forget. A church full of guests who are sweating in the Sunday best because the commercial HVAC system is not working will neither enjoy or have fond memories of the day. They will simply remember the uncomfortable heat.
Is Your Venue Ready for the Upcoming Summer Events?
The decision to operate a venue that is used for large gatherings is the decision to pay attention to the important details like commercial HVAC systems. On the one big night of the year that one of your customers is ready to celebrate their special event, you simply cannot afford to have problems with the air conditioning system. Regular maintenance and close attention to small warning signs can help, but it is also important to have a contract with a commercial contractor who will put your business at the top of the list in the event that a cooling problem occurs.
Consider some of these statistics about the commercial HVAC industry:

  • 301,123 people are employed in the U.S. HVAC industry.
  • $71 billion in annual revenue annually is generated by the U.S. HVAC industry.
  • Commercial air conditioner size ranges average from two tons for small buildings to 30 tons for very large buildings.
  • 54% of commercial building energy consumption can be attributed to water heating and HVAC systems.
  • HVAC systems require maintenance inspections twice a year in order for them to run efficiently.
  • HVAC filters should be changed at least once every three months if you want to give your unit a chance of lasting the industry average, which is 12 years.

Maintenance costs are a significant part of many commercial building budgets. Not only is it costly to purchase and install a system, it is also costly to run. Businesses, whether they be non profits like churches or for profit like reception venues for rent, need to work with a reliable HVAC contractor so that they are getting the most for their money. Monitoring the system and quickly fixing any problems can help keep costs under control, because an inefficiency problem needs to be remedied immediately.
A HVAC contractor can also help building owners understand the need and the timing for a new system purchase. Although the price of replacement can be significant, failing to replace an old and inefficient system is problematic as well.
Is your venue, whether it is a church or a reception hall, ready for the busy and hot summer season?


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