Commercial Fire Alarm Monitoring Helps Saves Lives

Fire sprinkler repair

When you and your family are staying away at a hotel, the last thing anyone wants is for a fire to break out, but if it does you would want to make sure your family is protected. Although nearly half of all hotel fires are small, controlled fires, there are an average of 15 deaths and 150 injuries from hotel fires every year. Hotels and motels pay nearly $76 million in property damage and loss every year as well. Many hotels hire a fire protection company to provide commercial fire alarm monitoring that allows help to respond faster and families to remain safer.

Fire Prevention Systems
There are two widely used fire suppression system options: chemical and non-chemical systems. A chemical system uses a fire extinguishing solution or powder to quickly suppress and eliminate fires that are caused by flammable substances. The purpose of the chemical system is to have the flames stop once the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air reaches less than 20%. A non-chemical system employs sprinklers, which are chosen due to their ability to operate in 91% of all reported structure fires that were large enough to activate sprinklers. Quick response sprinklers have the capacity to emit eight to 24 gallons of water every minute compared to the 80-125 gallons per minute dispersed by fire hoses. This means that the fire will be combatted without the likelihood of suffering water damage that the hose would surely cause.

Commercial Fire Alarm Monitoring
Commercial fire alarm monitoring companies are dedicated to protecting the safety of all guests and employees. By installing early warning systems, fire protection services are able to detect the first signs of a fire and alert the authorities and management before disaster occurs. By combining sprinklers and early warning systems, the overall injuries, loss of life, and property damage incurred can be reduced by at least 50%. There is no budget when it comes to safety, put your guests by keeping the unexpected at bay.

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