Cleaning with Steam Means Some Serious Clean

Industrial steam solutions

Picture this. You go out to a restaurant that you have wanted to try for you can’t remember how long. You are escorted to your seat and as you sit down, you look around the place. It is a beautiful establishment and you are so happy you finally got the chance to come. Everything looks so nice from where you are. Your table has an amazing view and the table settings are all just perfect.

Before looking at the menu, you decide you should use the restroom facilities. So, you get out of your seat and follow the signs down the small hall and to your left. When you walk through the bathroom door, you can see right away that the restrooms are filthy. Just by looking at the sink and the handles alone, you suddenly lose your appetite.

You do what you have to do because you have no choice, but as soon as you finish and get back to your table, you grab your coat and head straight out the door without saying another word. Unfortunately, this type of thing happens more often than you think it might, and unless the owner does something in the way of cleaning those restrooms, she is going to lose a lot more business. After all, almost a third of respondents to a survey said they would never come back to a restaurant with dirty bathrooms.

Fortunately, there is a way to get restrooms and another notoriously difficult places to keep sanitary clean and usable. That method is steam cleaning. Steam cleaning systems kill about 99% of common germs and bacteria such as E. Coli, staph, salmonella, and even dust mites and bed bugs. Industrial steam generators produce steam that will eliminate any chemical residues and will sanitize the surface it cleans with very little water. This method is practically mess-free and very easy to do.

Industrial steam generators that are used by cleaning companies have proven to be extremely effective at eliminating the kinds of dirt and grime that repel people from dirty establishments. It is amazing just how little it takes to transform a restaurant or other business from one that receives only a few customers to one that has lines of people waiting out the door.

Keeping establishments clean is big business in the modern world. It typically generates roughly $168 billion in revenue each year worldwide. With industrial steam generators at the disposal, cleaning services can deep clean a business in very little time. So, if you own that restaurant with the terrible bathrooms that keep potential customers from coming in and eating at your place, finding a cleaning service that uses steam could benefit your bottom line in more ways than you ever thought possible.

It is worth it to invest in keeping your business clean. If you don’t think so, try eating at someone else’s restaurant and using their dirty restrooms. You might just think twice.

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