Can Concrete Contractors Save You From Costly Slip and Fall Lawsuits?


We’re all familiar with those annoying broken slabs of concrete that making walking down the sidewalk feel like a mountain hike. In fact, there may even be some cracked slabs sitting out in front of your house or place of business right now. Then there are the potholes, dents, icy patches, and other obstacles life throws in your path.

Why does this matter to you?

In some cities and states, homeowners/business owners are actually liable for the repair of sidewalks adjoining their property. And that means if a pedestrian with their face buried in their smartphone trips and falls, then you could be on the hook for their medical bills! That’s why many people never procrastinate when it comes to hiring concrete contractors to repair trip and fall hazards.

Can You Be Sued For Broken Sidewalk?

First, don’t panic. Not every accident is a personal injury lawsuit waiting to happen.

Just because someone slips and falls in the vicinity of your property doesn’t mean you’re necessarily legally at fault. And according to some municipal and state laws, your local government might be responsible for hiring concrete contractors to maintain sidewalks and pavements, meaning they government would potentially be the liable party.

However, in order for you to be liable for someone’s personal injury case, they must prove that you acted negligently. So if there’s a gaping hole in your driveway, and a customer or in-law trips and falls into an open sinkhole, then you better lawyer up (and fast). In the same way, you are likely responsible for clearing away snow and ice on your property, lest a visitor slip and fall and break their hip. That’s where snow shovelers and concrete contractors can come in very useful.

It’s Not My Fault Trees Broke the Concrete, Why Should I Pay For It?

That’s a great and totally fair question. But life isn’t fair, sadly. If you own a business, it might reflect poorly to have busted up sidewalk in front of your storefront. Second, it is a safety hazard for customers or anyone with impaired mobility, such as those in wheelchairs.

If the damage is on your property, whether from your neighbor’s tree, soil erosion, winter weather, or just wear and tear, then you should hire contractors for sidewalk or concrete driveway repair ASAP!

You don’t just put off concrete repair at your own risk, but at the risk of all of your guests as well!

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