Buying Used Tech Can Save You Money, but You Have to Be Smart About It

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Technology has come to define just about everything we do in the modern age. Without reliable technology, we’ll be crippled when it comes to connecting with our friends and family on Facebook and other popular social media platforms. Mobile technologies allow us to research and follow our favorite businesses, and computers built in to our cars ensure we’ll never get lost again.

Whether you’re talking about the computer server racks used to power the business world or the latest and greatest consumer technology, one thing that holds true is the incredible cost; technology is expensive. That said, if you’re careful, you can buy everything from used server racks to used iPhones to used processors, all at a fraction of the price, without having to worry about a reduction in quality.

Three Tips for Buying Used Server Racks and Other Used Tech

  1. Ask Yourself Why the Sale Says, “As Is”
  2. As BusinessWeek details, it’s not unusual to buy a piece of used technology with an “as is” label attached to it. More often than not, you may have to sink a little more money for repairs into the item after you buy it, but it will still likely be cheaper overall. The thing to look out for is an “as is” item listing that offers no explanation as to what might be out of sorts. If you come across a listing like this, look elsewhere.

  3. Don’t Assume Newer Means Better
  4. One of the biggest mistakes people make when buying used technology is assuming they have to have the newest version of everything. As written in the Chronicle of Higher Education, buying the newest version of something usually means paying a premium for what are little more than cosmetic improvements. For instance, unless you plan to edit videos on an iPad or engage in graphically intensive gaming, chances are you can get away with using the last version for most of your needs. Weigh your needs against the price here to potentially save big.

  5. Do Some Recon on the Vendor
  6. Whether you’re looking to buy server rack enclosures or a used Playstation, few things are as important to a great experience than the vendor. That’s why Lifehacker puts so much weight on doing your research. A great vendor is the most likely to supply high quality products, whether they’re used or not. In the event you aren’t happy with what you buy, the best vendors are likely to work with you to ensure you’re satisfied. Reading online reviews or taking to the popular tech fanatic forums for recommendations can be really helpful here.

What other advice do you have for people looking to buy used server racks or other used technology? Share your tips in the comment section below. Continue your research here.

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