Business Owners, What You Need to Know About the Halo Effect

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Customers overwhelmingly prefer approaching and interacting with employees in service uniforms. Automotive uniforms, food service uniforms, maintenance uniforms, and uniforms for women all subconsciously convey the same thing: professionalism. Experts describe this as the halo effect. What is the halo effect, and how can businesses use this information to attract more customers?

What is the Halo Effect?

“Basically, the ‘halo effect’ refers to when people judge others in a positive overall manner based entirely on a single, observed attribute. In the world of work apparel, for example, studies have shown that consumers overwhelmingly view employees who wear personalized company uniforms as being more professional, knowledgeable, and reliable than their non-uniformed counterparts,” The Wall Street Journal reports. In other words, it is just like Americans perceiving people who wear glasses as smart or those who wear running shoes as sporty. Workplace uniforms convey dedication and work ethic. Remember to carefully employ uniform cleaners. Consumers form the best impressions of wrinkle- and stain-free — in other words, well-kept — service uniforms.

Caveat: Think of Your Employees

Keep in mind, however, that employee morale is still important. To get right to the point, don’t make your employees wear something that is going to make them feel perpetually uncomfortable and/or make them dread coming into work. A growing number of companies and designers are putting their heads together to create fashionable or stylish uniforms. “The purpose of uniforms is to serve as corporate branding and to project competence in the employees. It’s common for uniforms — at least informal ones — to be seen in service industries such as banks, hospitals and hospitality,” KeysNet explains. Creating trendy uniforms benefits employees, managers, and consumers alike.

Attract more customers — and keep your workers happy — with trendy and stylish work uniforms. Remember, a little extra thought will go a long way.

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