Business Owners, What Is The Best Way to Make a Good First Impression?

Street lighting

Attract more customers and/or patrons to your establishment — and rise above the competition — by carefully paying attention to one thing: compelling exterior design. Too many restaurant, hotel, and store owners are so focused on meticulously planning every detail of interiors that they leave exteriors bland, boring, and under-maintained. In other words, they give you the perfect opportunity to do better — and impress customers before they even step inside. Experts share their secrets to striking exterior design:

Add Some Color

“The trend toward more varied exterior colors has become increasingly prevalent in the residential space,” paint experts Dunn-Edwards explains. “And commercial buildings, in an effort to stand out from the competition and be more appealing to customers, are quickly following suit, moving from monochromatic and white palettes to a rainbow of color infusion.” What are the most popular color choices? Exterior designers largely favor bold gold, reds, and yellows. Slightly more understated — but statement-worthy — sage greens and coffee-colored exteriors are also being more widely used.

Remember: It’s All In The Details

Keep in mind that small details can make an incredible difference. Complement newly painted exteriors with elegant strand lighting or opt for commercial lamp posts for something classy and practical. Antique lamp posts, decorative street clocks, and/or rustic outdoor lighting fixtures can serve the dual purpose of lighting up dark areas (like parking lots, etc.) to keep patrons safe, while also looking appealing and welcoming.

Whenever Possible, Choose A Place With a View

If possible build near or around a compelling view. This will make interior and exterior design alike pretty simple. All you’ll have to do is carefully design exteriors to play up the view. For example, if your establishment has a lot of natural lighting, choose plain or cool colors — such as white or blues — to draw attention to the view.

Exterior design can win over customers, and help you stand apart from the competition. Dress up boring exteriors with bold colors, commercial lamp posts, and — whenever possible — an eye-catching view.

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