Both Grocery Stores and Restaurants Are Held to the Highest Health Standards

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Americans are in the habit of eating out, but many do not think about the details that go in to making sure that everything is ready as when needed and that the highest safety measures are always in place. Sure, we complain if the soup that we get is cold or if the silverware is dirty, but we typically do not know that there are list of procedures in place to make sure that even these kind of accidents do not happen very often.

From understanding all of the regulations involved in perishable foods operations to making use of the latest food traceability software solutions, it is important that restaurants not only serve great meals, but that they also document the delivery and safe keeping of fresh ingredients until they are cooked and served. With the use of a mobile inventory management system, restaurants can track everything that comes in and goes out of their kitchens. With careful attention to detail, restaurant owners can make sure that they are following all of the required rules and regulations as well as creating a menu that will bring customers back again and again.

The Benefits of Direct Store Delivery Systems and Mobile Inventory Management Systems Are Substantial

Whether you are one of the business owners or one of the chefs in a restaurant, it is important to make sure that you are making use of all the available technologies. In fact, without the use of the latest technologies you are likely wasting valuable time and putting yourself at risk of serving food that is not as safe, or as tasty, as is possible. Consider some of these facts and figures about the food industry and the impact that it has on not only the nation’s economy, but also the reputation of individual eating establishments:

  • 61% of shoppers want their produce department to stock more local items that they can select from.
  • gross domestic product
  • The global agricultural and food industry for 2016 was about 10% of the world’s gross domestic product GDP.
  • The average family of four typically wastes as much as to $2,000 a year in discarded food.
  • 80% of our freshwater, 10% of our available energy, and 50% of our land goes towar getting food to U.S. tables.
  • The U.S. fresh prepared foods manufacturing industry includes as many as 750 establishments.

Finding the right mobile inventory management system helps both restaurants and grocery stores track all of the items that come into and out of an establishment.

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