Blister Packaging the More You Know

Track and trace serialisation

In our day to day lives, we use many products without realizing their technical names, where they come from, and why we use them in the first place. A prime example of one of these products is blister packaging.
Blister packaging is a type of product packaging used in a range of industries: pharmaceutical packaging, food packaging, office supplies and cleaning products. Blister packaging designs are marked by their formable web cavity; this keeps the product safe and also helps display it at the same time. As far as composition, blister packaging designs are generally made with materials such as plastic, vinyl, and PVC and foil. These materials are durable and protect the product from structural damage and humidity.
There are many types of blister packaging designs. Some are called “clam shell” designs. This is because their cavities mirror one another and fold onto each other. You may have seen this in a plethora of industries, as it’s used for items such as batteries, caramel apples, thumb tacks and more.
Another popular kind of blister packaging is carded backing blister packaging. This type of packaging is favorites among manufacturers because it allows them to place the product details, promotions, and coupons directly with the product.
For both manufacturers and consumers alike, there are many benefits for using blister packaging. This is especially true in the pharmaceutical world. For starters, blister packaging is considered one of the best medical packaging techniques around. In our world today, counterfeiting is a serious issue, particularly when it comes to prescription medications. Pharmaceutical blister packaging often ensures that packages have the correct track and trace serialisation numbers; these allow pharmacists to see every step of the product’s manufacturing and delivery process. Additionally, the way that blister packaging is constructed prevents the products from becoming damaged or contaminated. This keeps them out of harm’s way and makes it difficult for children to access them.

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