Blister Packaging 101

What is blister packaging

Ah, blister packaging. To many consumers, it’s likely just seen as a nuisance, making it extremely difficult to open products bought with hard earned money. But unbeknownst to most, blister packaging offers a great deal of benefits for both packaging services manufacturers and consumers.
If you’re still clutching your scissors and impossible-to-open headphones blister package with a confused look on your face, worry not, friend. Here is a breakdown of what blister packaging is, what it does, and what its benefits are.

What is blister packaging?
Blister packaging is a kind of packaging that is typically marked by the the pocket made from a formable web product. This cavity is where the product is displayed, making it less likely to sustain damage.
Typically, blister packaging is made out of made of plastic materials that are designed to protect the product from structural damage and moisture. Depending on the type, blister packaging is made with other supplementary materials such as PVC, foil, and vinyl.

What are the types of blister packaging?
Across industries, different types of blister packaging fulfills specific needs. For example, single dose pouch blister packaging, complete with PVC foil backing for easy access. This is typically used within pharmaceutical packaging companies. Another kind of blister packaging is called clam shell. Clam shell packages folds open and closed, like a clam, and is used for everything, from food products to pharmaceuticals.

What are the benefits of blister packaging?
On the consumer end, blister packaging ensures that products are safe and structurally sound by the time they are purchased and ready for use. Blister packaging can also provide essential child safety features that prevent children from accessing potentially harmful items such as medications and sharp objects.
Packaging companies like blister packaging because it’s fast, cost-effective, and is often a great means of advertising. Carded backing blister packaging, for example, directly displays the product’s information, as well as any promotions or coupons that the company has to offer.

How the heck can I open this blister packaging?
I know you’re frustrated but all you really need to do is take out the can opener. You’ll be amazed how quickly and easily it all goes down!

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