Are You Outgoing And Enthusiastic? Consider A Career In Sales Jobs

Sales reps

Looking to start a career in sales jobs? It helps to know where to start! Sales jobs rely on a mixture of strong social skills as well as apt knowledge of the product or service you’re trying to provide. While it can seem intimidating to get into a vivid and demanding field, millions of people work in sales and marketing all across the country. Look below as I list some quick facts and simple information so you can get a better idea if this is the right field for you!

Sales Jobs Quick Facts

It’s estimated there are over 22 million sales people in North America alone, with a third working for their specific company for almost a year. As many as 44% of salespeople will give up a pitch after a single ‘no’, which means proper training and encouragement is crucial. While experience is thought to be a necessity, new recruits are well-trained by long-time employees and can go a long way with a few useful skills and the right attitude.

Top Three Ideal Skills

The best sales representatives should have interpersonal and sociological skills to back up their marketing techniques. First one is having a knack for research and finding new and innovative ways to connect with would-be customers. Second would be consistency and keeping in mind the weekly and monthly goals of your business. Last, but not least — enthusiasm! Maintaining a big smile, friendly demeanor and a good sense of humor will go a long way at putting customers at ease and making them want to come back.

Common Pitfalls

It’s important to know what mistakes to avoid so you can proceed with your sales and marketing job with confidence. It’s been found that only 20% of sales leads are ever followed up, which is bad news for a monthly performance rate! Not only that, at least 40% of sales jobs representatives will miss their quota and at least 20% are considered untrainable. Knowing what you’re willing to do and not do will go a long way in making sure everyone benefits.

Getting Started

The best sales jobs are only as good as their employees! Getting your start is as simple as contacting the company you want to work at and seeing if you can get mentored under one of their sales recruitment employees. If they’re currently hiring you’ll be walked through their unique brand of pitching, sales and follow-up (any other skills you have, such as writing or telemarketing, will definitely come in handy!). Treat finding a career in sales jobs just like you would a metaphorical sales pitch — wear a smile, put your best foot forward and don’t give up!


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