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Your father loves to tell the story about his job history. The fact that he only worked for three companies his while life and the fact that he never had a real job interview until he was in his 60s makes him smile with both pride and pleasure. After working for various farmers and folks around town throughout his high school years, he did not get his first real job until he moved to the city and started working for his friend’s dad as a gas station attendant.
He stayed with that job of providing full service attention to customers who had been buying their gas from the same station for decades until one day when someone offered a better option. With an offhanded compliment about how your dad looked like he new a thing or do about following orders, one of the customers encouraged your father to come work for him as an assistant elevator mechanic. No interview, no nothing, as your dad like to say. Just like that he began training for a field that would occupy him for the rest of his working days. First as an assistant and then as a full mechanic, your father worked in the elevator construction business for a total of 35 years. Even when he finally retired from that labor intensive work, he still stayed involved in the elevator industry as a state inspector. This inspector job, your dad explains, was the only time he had to sit for an interview.
Dressed in a white shirt and a pair of nice work pants, as your dad likes to call them, your dad actually walked into an office and sat through a question and answer session that lasted for a little more than 30 minutes. Glad that he had never had to do that before, and swearing that he would never do it again, your dad was thrilled when he found out that he got the job. A new career that allowed him to travel the state, talk to old friends, and new workers in the industry, your father enjoyed this less labor intensive work, inside work, out of the elements.
Temp Agencies and Other Kinds of Staffing Companies Serve a Variety of Needs for Businesses of All Sizes
Whether you are the owner of a company that employees fewer than 20 people are you are a recent college graduate looking for a job with a large corporation, temp agencies, recruiting agencies, and a number of other staffing services work to find the best matches. From sifting through digital applications for hundreds of people looking for temporary employment to providing training for on boarding services and employee satisfaction platforms for new permanent hires, selecting the best temp agencies and human resource companies can help you get the assistance that you need. Consider some of these other statistics about temp agencies and other available hiring and employment services:

  • Temp services offer a flexible service to both potential employees and those employers who require large amounts of seasonal help.
  • $11 billion is lost every year due to employee turnover.
  • 57% of organizations indicate that they view employee retention as a problem.
  • 46% of human resources professionals say retention is their greatest concern.
  • These same human resources professional say their second greatest concern is employee engagement.
  • 22% of new workers leave their jobs within 45 days of being hired.
  • 93% of recruiters look at a candidate?s social media profile when they are making hiring decisions.
  • Employee research indicates that the costs of employee turnover range from 30% to 150% of an employee?s salary.
  • 3 million temporary and contract employees work for America?s staffing companies during an average week.

Few of today’s workforce members can say that they worked in the dame industry their entire lives. Even fewer can say that they achieved their current jobs without some kind of interview process. In today’s digital world, most employers can receive hundreds of applicants for one open position. The applicants, likewise, find themselves trying to stand out from a large pool of candidates. An employment agency helps both worker and employer navigate the challenging task of finding the best employee for the many available job openings that are listed every single day.

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