Angie’s List Says Never Call A Plumber If You Don’t Know About No-Dig Pipe Lining

Sewer pipe inspection cincinnati

You might not like to think about sewer pipes very often, but the truth is that indoor plumbing and sewer pipes were one of the most important inventions in the history of mankind. In fact, archaeologists say that evidence of indoor plumbing and intentional sewer systems are the hallmark of the first advanced human civilizations. Without these systems, early cities would have been impossible to live in, with filth and disease running freely through the streets.

Unfortunately, in 2015, aging sewer systems are costing cities and states around America millions of dollars. And until recently, clogged or broken sewer lines were huge disasters, requiring expensive repairs and massive trenches. But no longer, because a revolutionary sewer pipe repair technology has saved thousands of miles of pipes across the country, changing the way plumbers and contractors perform sewer line repairs for good.

It’s called “no dig” technology, and it’s a form of trenchless sewer repair. Basically, rather than using a backhoe to dig a giant trench and replacing broken pipes, plumbers can use existing access points to conduct highly effective sewer pipe repairs. It works like this, a drain inspection camera is inserted into the pipes to look for damage. If it’s found, then a high-tech pipe lining material is inserted through the existing sewer lines. Then, this advanced lining is rapidly expanded, creating a highly durable new pipe right inside existing systems. Alternatively, a new pipe is forced through the existing sewer lines, bursting the original pipes and leaving a new one in its place.

In either case, pipe lining and bursting can last for more than 50 years. And now, these advanced trenchless plumbing repair techniques are available in the form of trenchless drain repairs to regular homeowners as well. If your home has aging pipes, or if your pipes are clogged, leaking, or broken, then trenchless drain repair can restore your system for decades to come. So before you call a plumber, make sure you remember to ask about trenchless drain repair options for your home.

Just like the techniques used by cities around the country, trenchless drain repair allows homeowners to install brand new pipes without digging up their yard or house. And trenchless drain repair gives homeowners a brand new, jointless pipe that they can depend on for decades to come. With warranties ranging from 10 to 50 years, you can go back to never thinking about your sewer lines ever again thanks to innovative trenchless drain repairs, offered in virtually every American city.

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