All Your Questions About Forklift Batteries, Answered

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The forklift battery is the one device that powers most operations at your warehouse. Without a properly-functioning fleet of forklift batteries, your forklifts don’t run at their full capacity, cutting down on your warehouse’s ability to be efficient and productive.

But a surprising number of people who work in warehouses today don’t know quite as much as they should about forklift batteries — and as a result put their entire enterprise in jeopardy.

Are all your questions about forklift battery management and battery room safety being answered? Expand your knowledge and improve your warehouse efficiency by reading this list of the three most frequently-asked questions about the forklift battery changing system:

Q: What procedures are necessary for maintaining the forklift battery changing system?

Each forklift battery has a number of important maintenance needs to help it run at its optimal performance every day. By keeping each battery on a regular maintenance schedule of charging, washing, lubrication and watering, these batteries can stay in top condition and prevent your forklift’s engine from overheating or malfunction.

Q: How long should a forklift battery last?

The average lead-acid forklift battery has a lifespan of about 1,500 charge cycles, or about 6,000 hours of operation. If the battery is charged or handled improperly, its lifespan will be compromised. Avoid operating the battery below a 20% charge, and only charge the battery on a full eight-hour cycle. In addition, the battery should be watered once every five to 10 charges to preserve its lifespan.

Q: How can personnel stay safe while handling forklift batteries?

Forklift batteries are notoriously dangerous to handle and maintain. Personnel should always wear face shields, rubber gloves and aprons when handling these batteries to protect against battery acid and electrolyte spray. All personnel in the forklift battery room should be briefed on OSHA’s safety standards and procedures. In addition, safety features like ventilation, eye-wash stations, fire extinguishing equipment and acid-resistant floors are all necessary in any battery room.

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