Addressing the Mess of Street Celebrations

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Fire crackers, flags, and family picnics.
As the nation approaches the season of celebrating freedom, neighborhood associations, small towns, and big cities are making plans for the Fourth of July Parades that will be celebrated over the next weekend and through the actual holiday itself. After all of the young bike riders and high school bands have finished their routes and individual enthusiasts have blown up hundreds of dollars in fireworks of all sizes, though, who is going to be around to pick up the mess? In many locations around the country, the mess will be addressed by the services of contracted street sweeper trucks.
The true measure of success for a celebration or an event is the plan for what happens after all of the fun is over. Like a group of high schoolers excited about the big bonfire after the Friday night football game, everyone is always willing to help in the planning and implementation. It is fun to be the one planning both the parade route and the location of the parking lot bonfire. It is excited to participate in the music, the candy throwing, and the smore making. It is not, however, always that fun to be the one in charge of the cleanup. Picking up the leftover food wrappers and drink bottles, the trash and the horse dropping is never as glamorous as the planning. A successful event, though, has to include a plan for what happens afterwards. Addressing the mess after an event is an important part of any event planning process.
Street sweeper trucks, however, can make fast work of the clean up after a big event. From parking lot cleaning services to street sweeping services, having the right plan can make the pickup process much easier to handle. Contracting with a street sweeper rental company once a year after a planned event or once a month to address the trash that gathers in a mall parking lot can make everyone feel great the day after an event is over.
Street sweeper trucks can be used to prepare a long route for a downtown race and then again at the completion of the event. These services can also come in handy when groups are preparing a large outdoor venue for flea markets and car shows. Any paved surface, in fact, can benefit from the work of street weeper trucks.

  • Parking space related pollution in America amounts to somewhere between $4 billion and $20 billion in health and environmental damage costs a year.
  • Leaving a mess after a big celebration can jeopardize the plans for future events.
  • Associated with rainwater or melting snow that washes off surfaces, runoff can be problematic if it is not properly dealt with. Roads, bridges, parking lots, rooftops, and other impermeable surfaces can create dangerous run off that works its way into area water sources if it is not cleaned up.
  • No one wants to walk outside the morning after the Fourth of July to a street littered with exploded fireworks.

  • Find a street sweeping company that comes highly recommended.
  • Once the parade is over, hired sweepers can clean up the route immediately.
  • Run off pollution from highways and roads includes pesticides and heavy metals.

  • The general public notices the cleanliness of the places where they shop. And while many businesses pay attention to the appearance of their interiors areas, it is equally important to many customers that the outside areas, including parking lots, are well maintained.
  • How will you get the neighborhood picked up after the summer neighborhood parade?
  • Estimates indicate that there are 9,224 companies currently offering road maintenance services in the U.S.

  • Making plans for the street sweeper trucks before the event means that you already have the plans in place to leave any venue as good, if not better, than before the celebration.
  • Estimates from the most recent National Water Quality Inventory reports that runoff from urban areas is the leading source of surveyed estuaries water quality impairments.
  • Street debris can have long lasting effects by blocking stormwater facilities, which can cause flooding during heavy rains.
  • Studies indicate that parking space in the U.S. comes at an annual cost of $6 to $23 in health and environmental damages to society caused by air pollution alone.

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