Achieving Better, More Efficient Cooling With Commercial Cooling Towers

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In a lot of commercial scenarios, there is a need for fast, efficient cooling. All busiensses or manufacturing facilities do not need cooling towers, but for those that do have a constant cooling load to take care of, cooling towers are essential. If you need superior, sustained coolin for your facilit, investing in cooling towers can be a great way to achieve that.

In essence, cooling towers are devices built for heat ejection. A wet cooling towers maintains a flow of water through the facility which it cools while sending the heat directly up into the atmosphere. Cooling towers come in different sizes, starting from small rooftop units going all the way to massive 600-foot structures, with the tallest yet being 663 feet in height. All you need to do is choose the right size for your business according to the amount of heat you expect to generate every day.

Cooling towers are typically used in places like power generation plants and crude oil processing plants. The main goal is to take the heat away from manufacturing or business process scenarios which produce a lot of it, and let it escape safely thereby efficiently handling the cooling load. Cooling tower systems are by their modus operandi of two different types –

  • Natural Draft – These use a tall, chimney-like structure to gradually expel the heat through the venting of moist air.
  • Induced Draft – These use a powerful fan to prevent any recirculation of the hot air back into the system.

Apart from these, there are hybrid systems which use combine both these techniques for more efficient cooling. One of the main reasons why cooling towers have grown in popularity over time and gradually replaced other traditionally used commercial cooling solutions like air conditioning is that while it provides a more thorough cooling, it also is a green procedure. Up to 98% of wasted water in a facility can be recycled and reused to operate cooling towers, resulting is a sustainable, waste-free procedure. If you have a plant or facility which release large amounts of heat on a daily basis, your processes can become more efficient with the help of a cooling tower handling your cooling load.

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