A Tour of a Dental Office – Metro Dental Care


When she shows you around the dental facility where all of her TikToks are recorded and.

Whitney is a dental hygiene assistant. When clients enter a dental office and first meet is typically the dental hygienist. So, in the same way that doctors are nurse practitioners, dentists employ dental Hygienists. Their job is to give preventative oral care, clean patients’ teeth, and check for damage to the teeth and disease.

Dental professionals will decide on the most effective strategy and can diagnose the root of any issues. Therefore, a dental health hygienist’s knowledge is far less what a dentist’s. The majority of clients do spend their time in a dental office with the dental hygienists, except for more serious problem, for instance, filling a cavity and gum diseases.

The dental clinic where Whitney works has a waiting room with multiple operating rooms, one restorative space, a lab, a dental office with a break-room, bathroom, laundry room, as well as storage. Each dental office will have different configurations, but operators rooms are an essential part of every dental practice.

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