A Little Goes A Long Way The Power Of The Customer Service Experience For Businesses

Marketing takes on many forms. So many, in fact, it can be hard to know which one’s more effective.

A business will spend a pretty large amount of its yearly budget on just reaching out to potential customers. It’s essential to making sure your brand isn’t lost in a sea of competition, after all. You use digital marketing services, billboards and SEO to keep your services in the know while being flexible enough to change your strategy on a dime. Phone calls are easily one of the most misunderstood forms of advertising, with many businesses believing this type of marketing to be out-of-date. The fact of the matter is quite different, with the pay for performance call center still providing a strong return on the investment.

What could an inbound sales call center do to help cultivate a loyal clientbase?

Sales strategies need to be flexible and dynamic, reflecting the shifting needs of customers that want a dozen different things at any one time. One person might prefer a solid customer service experience, while others are more interested in a quick and efficient call. The pay for performance call center can be used for a few different purposes. It can help you generate new revenue, provide technical support or just give you another means of support alongside your digital marketing budget.

Ongoing studies have revealed some interesting details about marketing today. They’ve also shown some things never change. For example, it’s been found to be 25 times more expensive to bring on a new customer than to keep an already existing one. While it sounds tempting to try and cultivate as many customers as possible, it’s actually better to have a smaller and more loyal client base than a larger and more unengaged one. A technical support call center can make sure this happens.

When you have people returning on their own, without the need for constant outreach, you save yourself time and resources. A study provided by the research firm Bain and Company revealed increasing customer retention rates by a mere 5% can increase your profits anywhere between 25% to 95%. How do you do this? A great way to make sure people come back for more is by providing them efficient, friendly and memorable customer service. One study found up to 70% of buying experiences being based on how the customer feels at the time.

It seems sometimes that customers would rather avoid calls entirely. Much of this frustration, however, stems from calls that take too long or fail to provide them with a solution. Phone conversations with customers are still an important part of the sales funnel, with as much as $1 trillion in consumer spending being influenced by calls placed to businesses. When you invest in a pay for performance call center you provide your business yet another way of reaching out to customers and providing them the professional services they’ve been looking for.

Your outbound sales call center needs to reflect the rest of your business strategy. It’s not just a check off the list, but an avenue for you to keep lines of communication open with your customers. Over 70% of businesses today say improving customer experiences is their top priority, with another study showing 60% of companies viewing customer experience to be delivered by the contact centers as a major differentiator between competitors. Yoru pay for performance call center will make sure no customer is ever asking, “Does this business actually care about me?”

Make sure your customers are asking the right questions. Look into a performance marketing group and see how a pay for performance call center can make a difference.

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