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making the investment in a quality HVAC system is always worthwhile. This YouTube video “New AC Unit Installation” will walk you through how the new unit was put in place to show the process isn’t that difficult. Let’s find out more!

They displayed their model replacement since the first model was in operation. They also fixed the issue and it worked for a further ten years. They only had to check periodically because there were air leaks inside the compressor. So, it was required to be charged every up to six months. A AC specialist is able to handle every electrical problem. That means that a reliable AC unit will last for many years with regular maintenance and repairs.

They needed to take the unit that was in service to be able to put it back into the new one. It was heavy and bulky and two people were required. After that, they set the new unit in the same spot and connected it much in the exact manner as the old one.

The rest of the video for more details on AC installation.


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