A Closer Look At Plant Metabolism – Madison County Library


Plant metabolism has to do with the chemical compounds that plants produce, as well as, degrading throughout their lives. Plants are stationary. when disaster strikes like droughts and floods, they must rely on themselves to survive.

For the growth of plants nitrogen is crucial. Much of the soil across the globe has a very low level of nitrogen in them. That’s why it’s crucial for us to figure out how we can improve the chances of plants getting the most nitrogen they can from the soil. Metabolite profiling provides a greater comprehension of the functions of genes in plants. It’s possible to observe the different plant species react differently in response to the same scenario. This is one reason why metabolite profiling is used. Through these tests you can determine which plants do better in absorbing nitrogen. Then you will be able to begin making the changes that are required to help the plant.

In the end, plant metabolism is a complicated topic, but when you look at it in terms of its components, you can see that it all boils down to which chemicals a plant will use over the course of its lifetime.


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