5 Unique Uses for Unused Shipping Containers


Unused industrial shipping containers are often recycled into modular housing and portable office spaces. Using these containers for living and shelter purposes offers unique recycling benefits and significant cost decreases. In addition to designing them to meet living and office needs, they can also be used for the following unique and alternative purposes.

External storage sheds

Both residential and commercial property owners often struggle with sufficient storage space. Businesses may be required to rent out a local warehouse space. Homeowners may find that their garage and basements are cluttered with storage. Repurposed shipping containers also make for great storage sheds. They can be placed on a nearby open land and converted into temperature resistant storage. Shipping containers can last over 20 years, provided they are taken care of with regular paint and maintenance, a good container will serve you for a long time. Sometimes, they can even outlast traditional garages or storage sheds.

HVAC or generator enclosure

Conex containers can also be repurposed into HVAC or generator enclosures. Because both HVAC units and generators are stored outdoors, they are prone to damage from differing weather conditions. Heavy winds and moisture from rain and snow can cause them to malfunction. Building or designing a generator enclosure can provide needed shelter, without the danger of brining the units indoors. Used shipping containers have a lot of space with the ability to enclose any sized HVAC unit or generator.

Home office space

Do you ever wish that you could work from home, but simply do not have sufficient space available for a home office? Portable shipping containers can also be converted into a home office space. You can even directly connect the office space to your home for easy access back and forth. You can create almost any size office with your shipping container, as long as you have sufficient land for it. Most shipping container homes use 40 foot units. Standard 40 feet shipping containers are eight feet wide and 8.5 feet tall, and each one gives you about 300 feet of living or office space. Situating four of these containers side by side will create a three bedroom house around 1,200 square feet. You can also start small and then add on as office space needs increase.

Home business

A home business does not always require a home office, but instead some other type of space. For example, a person who wants to start a home nursery simply needs space for safe care of children. Another person who wants to sell retail items out of their office will need a convenient retail storefront that customers entrust to visit. Fortunately, used shipping containers can be completely customized to fit your business needs. Does your home business require a lot of windows? That can be completed. Does your home office require numerous closets? That can also be designed.

Modular house

Still, the most common use for used shipping containers is as a modular house. As you begin to learn of the cost savings and conveniences of portable storage sheds and offices, you may want to transfer to a modular home. This can end up saving you thousands in building costs and the portable container can withstand the same weather conditions as your house. Shipping containers, whether single units or multiple connected units, can withstand up to 100MPH winds when rooted on foundation, or 175MPH winds when anchored with pylons, making container homes extremely solid in both tornadoes and hurricanes. Just make sure that your shipping container is solidly anchored to the ground.

There are millions of shipping containers sitting unused. While many people are converting these shipping containers into modular homes, there are many other purposes for them. You can also convert them into a home storage space, a portable office or business, or use them as a HVAC unit or generator enclosure.

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