5 Trade Show Booth Ideas

Custom exhibit displays

Trade shows offer a lot of opportunities for companies and organizations to network and raise awareness of their mission and work. It can be easy to be lost in a sea of booths if you are not careful with your exhibit fabrication. Often companies will hire exhibit design firms to create custom exhibit booths that stand out from the others. Here are some expert trade show booth ideas to make yours stand out.

  1. Just like in real estate, it?s all location, location, location. You will not be the only company looking to get the best spot so look into this as early as possible. You probably will be charged more for the prime real estate but may be able to bargain with the show?s organizer if this is one that you attend regularly. If you cannot get the right spot this year, ask about its availability next year.
  2. Make your booth visually appealing with custom exhibit design. You want your graphics to stand out with bright and attractive colors and graphics. You should limit the number of static images, so for quality over quantity. You want them to be powerful but also to make an instant impact. If a prospective client or customer needs to spend more than a few seconds to get the point, it will be lost. Make your message short and snappy and use an easy to read font. Simplicity in this area is your friend.
  3. Be the host with the most. Make sure people at your booth can answer basic questions about your services and/or products. Also take the time to get some information that might be helpful for conference attendees. If you have information about the city or location where it is being held, that can be really helpful. Sure, they can get that information from the conference organizers but will appreciate your booth more if they do not have to.
  4. If you feed them, they will come. People love free food and beverages. Out of all the trade show booth ideas you will get, this is one of the most fool proof ways to get people to visit and linger at your area.
  5. Make your giveaways fun and helpful. If you can find fun and or useful ?chum? to give away, you will have abetter chance of extending your influence. Some organizations will print local information on the back on company literature. Others will give products that they know will be needed. Sure, pens and mugs are great but if your conference is in Florida, small bottles of sunscreen can go a long, long way.

Trade shows are meant to be a way for companies and organizations to interact and show off their goods and services but they are also meant to be fun. You can get ideas from the other participants and get the chance to interact, face-to-face, with people you may only deal with on the phone or online.Take advantage of these trade show booth ideas to increase your footprint at this vital events.

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