5 Tips and Tricks to Keeping Your Home Security System Running Properly

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Across the United States, property crimes are down. For example, B=between 2012 and 2013, they dropped by at least 4.1%. The problem is that these kinds of crimes still happen. In 2013, there were about 8.6 million property crimes in the country. Every year, more than 2.5 million homes are burglarized. Of these, 61% are caused by a forced entry. These burglaries result in at least $16.6 billion Companies that handle home security cameras and security system maintenance and installation are busy.

To combat these crimes and keep homes safe, at least 18 million households are protected by home security and video surveillance systems. It is important to get to know your home security system and to perform the proper security system maintenance. Most police officers say that having the right home security system will prevent your home from being burglarized. At least 85% of them say this is a great way to prevent crime. Here are some tips that you can do to keep your system healthy and happy.

  1. Take time to check your system every week. By paying close attention to your home or business security system, you can make sure it works when you need it to. You should set a time every week, it is much easier to do this if you put it on your calendar, to check the system. All you need to do is depress your status button. If you happen to notice the light is one or is not the right color during the week, by all means, you should not wait until your designated time. What you need to do is disarm your system. Wait a few seconds and then hit the clean button. If the light does not change, it may be time to contact your security system maintenance company to check everything out.
  2. Schedule time every month to check your system. Connectivity problems happen. You do not want to learn that your security system is not communicating with your home security system company when it is too late (i.e. the burglars are in the home). By checking this once every month, you can feel better knowing your home is safe and secure.
  3. Take time to walk around your home and check your sensors. Often, the adhesive that is used to mount your sensors to the wall can become less effective. This is especially true in parts of the country where the climate features more heat and humidity. This should not take long but is an important part of your security system maintenance plan.
  4. When your batteries die, get new ones. One of the easiest things to do, and the easiest to forget, is replacing the batteries. You do not have to replace them when they are working but when they end their lifespan, get new ones. If you are not sure when to do this, talk to the company who installed the system for guidance.
  5. Keep your system clean. Dirt, dust and other debris can have a big impact on how your security system functions. When you go through and check the sensors, dust the system off. When dirt, dust and grime are allowed to form and then build up on the system, it will not be as effective. Your system may end up registering false alarms when the sensors are covered in dust or dirt. You should also check your air filters on your HVAC system because keeping them clean and clear will prevent a lot of that dust and dirt from getting onto your security system in the first place.

When it comes to protecting your home from burglars, an ounce of prevention is absolutely worth a pound of cure. Experts contend that only 13% of all burglaries, that they respond to, are ever solved. It has been estimated that the homes, which are protected by a good home security system have a 300% smaller chance of being broken into. This is primarily because most criminals who break into home are not professional criminals. Having the right system installed in your home and conducting the right security system maintenance will go a long way towards protecting your home and your family.

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