5 Reasons Why Churches Should Upgrade to LED Signs

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Having marquee signs for businesses, schools, government facilities and churches is a cheap alternative to LED signs or digital signs. However, it’s not always the best idea. Going cheap shouldn’t always be your go to, especially if you are trying to run a business. Even church marquee signs shouldn’t be bought simply because they are the cheapest option. Here are a few reasons why you might want to invest in full color LED signs instead of sticking with the old tried and true church marquee signs.

To Attract Visitors
It’s easy to drive on by and completely miss a static sign. Lots of churches and business have signs that don’t move. There are billboards all over the place. Advertisements and notices are constantly in people’s faces along the road all day long. They become oblivious to it. It’s not that they aren’t trying to support local business and churches, they just literally don’t notice them anymore because there are so many. Having a digital sign will be able to attract people’s attention so that the church building stands out. Have the service times written in bright, fun colors so that drivers can easily see the information as they pass by. People walking on foot will be able to take more time in reading the sign but drivers only get a second.

It Can Be Changed Easily
This is one of the main reasons the people in the church would want it changed. It’s likely that you change the sign every time there is a special event or something going on at the church. If that is often then it might be annoying for the people changing the sign. They have to change it letter by letter and it’s all consuming. And if the weather is bad, you can forget it. When you have a digital sign it is hooked up to a computer inside so you don’t have to be concerned about standing out in the rain or spending hours writing one sentence onto the marquee board. Click a few keys and your sign’s whole message will be completely different, it’s as easy as that.

It’s Weather Proof
You might wonder how they work because they are electronic. What if it rains or there is heavy humidity in your area? Does the moisture affect the sign? The answer is no. LED signs are usually made with a protective coating over the exterior parts so that no water can get to the electronic parts. This makes it very safe to use even when the weather is less than perfect outside.

It Can Say More
When you have a marquee sign, you probably don’t put a lot on there because of what a hassle it is to change the sign. However, having an LED sign means that you can put up more information if you want to. Most LED signs will scroll so you can have several screens of information rolling through. Make sure to set it so that it’s not scrolling too fast otherwise passers by may not catch the information that they need.

It Will Save Time
Changing a marquee sign takes anywhere from half an hour to a few hours, depending on what the sign says and how big it is. A digital sign literally takes minutes. It’s hard to find good help. You could be using that good help for something else but instead, they are out there changing the marquee sign. Give them their time back and they will be even more helpful for you.

There is usually a designated person that changes the church marquee signs so for their sake, go digital. It’s such a hassle having to change each and every individual letter. If you don’t believe this article then talk to the people that change the church marquee signs and you will see. They will be all for the digital signs if the church can afford it. Of course, if LED signs are just not something that is going to be able to be paid for, having marquee signs is better than nothing. Even so, you should be saving up for it and trying to put it in the budget for the near future.

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