5 Reasons Engineers Love Prototype Circuit Boards

Prototype circuit boards

The printed circuit board represented a huge technological leap in the development of electronic products and devices. The small electronic devices we love so much would not be possible without printed circuit board. Prototype circuit boards make new products and devices easier to develop. The process of going from concept to creation is made much more realistic when prototype printed circuit boards are used.

Prototype circuit boards are basically, the first step in creating a new electronic device. In other words, it is an experiment. The prototype circuit board is produced to find any flaws or problems with the design of the circuit board. Errors and problems with the board can be identified and corrected by engineers who will use the improved version to create new products like tablets, smart phone and other electronic devices. The motherboard in most computers is a printed circuit board. Most people are familiar with motherboards. Prototype circuit boards make it really easy to find and fix problems with a circuit board design. They also streamline the quality control process.

When electronic products were first invented, their internal workings were bulky, way too large and basically unmanageable. Different components were connected by wires and the result was just a huge mess. When printed circuit boards were first developed, it was the first time mass production and use of electronic products was even possible. Before the printed circuit board, electronic products were large and not worth very much. The printed circuit board made these products smaller, lighter, faster and more usable.

Why Engineers Love Prototype Circuit Boards:

  • They are easier to produce. The methods to produce today’s printed circuit boards and much more simple and easy to do than the way circuit boards were made in the past. The three methods to print the map that shows the layout of the board’s switch settings, test points, component designations and other indicators that are needed for board assembly are liquid photo imaging, ink jet printing and silk screen printing. The soldering is easier, too. There are multiple ways components can be attached to printed circuit boards. When high volume production is needed, it can be done with a machine. For smaller runs, say when prototype circuit boards are being produced, a skilled technician can handle soldering the tiny parts.
  • Repair is much easier. Prototype circuit boards are very easy to check. Repairs and renovations are really easy to complete. It is really easy to analyze the board and trace and evaluate the electricity flow paths. You can easily see if something is out of place with the electricity flow or the way the components are attached and placement. Everything is visible and clear. If there is a problem, it is easy to spot and correct. The dimensions and size of the board helps make it easy to evaluate.
  • These boards are very well connected and self integrated. All of the components and other parts that are on the board are very well connected. There is no issue where they will move or roll off of the board. Nothing will become detached and then lost. Since everything is so well attached to the board, it is much easier for skilled engineers to perform checks, install new options and make any necessary repairs. These boards are very well marked and labeled so there is no confusion about what component is responsible for what. The circuits are well managed and very neatly arranged.
  • They are very easy to install. Because any resistors, capacitors and wires are so well attached, they do not move at all making them very easy to install in electronic devices. Short circuits and leaks are not an issue with these kinds of circuit boards.
  • They work in a number of different kinds of equipment. A prototype printed circuit board can be used in a wide variety of devices. They can fit into products of many different sizes and can preform many functions.

The advent of the printed circuit board and the use of prototype circuit boards revolutionized electronic products. They also made all of today’s technology that people are so attached to possible. By making smaller circuit boards, electronic products went from being impractical due to their size to indispensable.




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