5 Great Reasons to Turn to Outsourced Cleaning Services

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You want a cleaner office space. Every year, employee absenteeism costs United States companies $225.8 billion due to lost productivity. It has been estimated that between 5 and 20% of all Americans get the flu every year. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as many as 80% of these incidents are caused by hand contact with a contaminated surface or through contact with a sick person. In terms of the contaminated surfaces, an office desk can be the home to up to 10 million bacteria. There are up to 25,000 germs per square inch on the typical office phone. All of this can be made better by hiring an outsourced cleaning service. Here are some other benefits to hiring a commercial cleaning service:

  1. It costs less than doing it in house. Hiring people to handle your cleaning as an in-house operation is a pricey endeavor. Not only do you have to hire the staff to handle the work but you have to invest in the equipment and the cleaning supplies. You need to either find people who have been trained in this kind of work or train them to do the cleaning properly. All of the costs that are associated with hiring, employing and supervising new staff add up. When you go with an outsourced cleaning service, you spend a lot less. It may seem counterintuitive but if you take the time to add it all up, you will see the cost savings in hiring a professional cleaning service.
  2. Outsourced cleaning service are reliable. When you hire professionals to clean your space, you know they are going to get the job done right. You are an expert at what you do and the people who work at professional cleaning services company are experts at cleaning. If someone at the company you have hired calls in sick, they can still have someone come to your business and get the job done. Many companies can offer you services on the weekends or on short notice if you need something special.
  3. You know the quality level of cleaning will always be stellar. When you hire a professional cleaning service, you should always get the same level of quality. Outsourced cleaning service companies have commercial cleaning equipment and products. Their staff have years of experience cleaning businesses. You know the face you are placing on your business is the best. When customers or clients come to your business, they do judge the cleanliness. Not only will you know your space will look great for them but it will be healthier for your workers to be in. If there ever is a problem with the quality, the commercial cleaning service will do what they can to make the situation right.
  4. Bringing in a commercial cleaning service can get you access to more services. In addition to general cleaning, you can talk to the outsourced cleaning service about washing your windows, deep cleaning the carpets or handling other services as needed. They can also offer green cleaning services, which are good for both the environment and will keep your office space healthier for your staff, customers or clients. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, conventional cleaning products can bring the air inside a space to a pollution level that is up to 200 times what it is outside. That problem can be eliminated by using green cleaning products.
  5. You will improve the morale of your staff. Many non-profit organizations or other businesses, who do not go with an outsourced cleaning service, depend on lower level staff to handle the cleaning. This leads to a more depressed workforce. Expecting these staff members to clean the business or organization leads to them not feeling like their contributions are appreciated. At the end of the day, unless you hire someone to only do the cleaning, they are not going to want that to be their responsibility. When you hire an outsourced cleaning service, you raise the morale of everyone who works for you. More content workers are more efficient workers.

When your office is clean, you will have a better bottom line. There will be fewer germs on the equipment and fewer sick days will be taken.

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