5 Benefits of TMS Systems for LTL Shipments

Many businesses utilize what is known as LTL shipments. LTL stands for less than truckload. This type of shipping is often utilized when small amounts of freight are needing to be transported. In fact, statistics show that the LTL market has an estimated value of nearly $35 billion. With that in mind, here are five benefits of using transportation management software for LTL shipments.

  1. Increased Insights for Each LTL Shipment

    It’s important that a business is able to remain aware of every item being shipped out. Considering that, you’ll be able to clearly communicate to any partners or customers inquiring about these shipments. This helps to ensure that other business partners think of your company as being extremely reliable and responsive.
  2. Choosing the Best Carrier

    Statistics show that nearly 12 million trucks, trains, and shipping vessels move goods throughout the world’s transportation network. Considering that, it’s important to ensure that your company is choosing the right partners. With that in mind, it’s important to utilize shipment tracking integrations to find out exact details about everything your company sends out. This allows you to have important statistics in regards to finding the best carrier.
  3. Being Able to Utilize Latest Shipping Technology

    Companies around the world continue to increase profits by selling their products online. Statistics show that ecommerce revenue in the United States alone has a current estimated worth about $423.3 billion. Considering the immense worth of this market, it’s important to note that this continues to change how LTL shipment technology changes. If you don’t want to feel like your business is in the dark, it’s wise to partner with a company offering the latest shipment tracking integrations.
  4. Reduction in Data Errors

    It’s wise for a company to avoid extra costs wherever possible. One simple data error can lead to immense costs for your company. Whether it’s paying the wrong shipping costs or a higher freight rate, these costs can cut deeply into your profit. With that in mind, shipment tracking software helps to automate data entry processes, leading to a reduction in potentially costly errors.
  5. Easy Access to Information

    Throughout the year, it’s common for a company to retrieve important data. In addition, companies undergoing audits must have access to vast amounts of information. No matter what situation your company is in, it’s important to have access to data right away. With that in mind, TMS systems store and keep information readily available whenever you need access to it. This is especially important while your business is making lots of LTL shipments throughout multiple warehouse locations.

In conclusion, there are several benefits of having TMS systems for businesses that regularly utilize less than load shipments. That being said, it’s important that you partner with the right TMS systems provider. In turn, this ensures that your company is able to keep track of many aspects in regards to shipment tracking integrations. If you’re wanting to drastically improve how your business handles LTL shipments, consider utilizing transportation broker software.

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