4 Reasons for Job Seekers to Contact Temp Agencies

Many companies are looking to find the right employees. This helps them to avoid the problem of employee turnover, something that costs companies $11 billion each year. In order to find those perfect matches, many companies partner with temp agencies. If you’re a job seeker, you might want to consider forming a similar type of partnership. With that in mind, here are four benefits of working with a temp agency as a job seeker.

  1. Saving Time Filling Out Applications

    Every job seeker knows how long it typically takes to find a position. Before finding a job, you’ll need to fill out applications. Of course, filling out a single application doesn’t guarantee you’ll move to the next stage of the hiring process. This means you’ll need to fill out multiple applications each week. If you want to avoid this time consuming and somewhat disheartening process, visit a temp agency. In most cases, you’ll only need to fill out paperwork once which lets a temp agency know more about you. After this, temp agency employees do the work of helping you find the right position.
  2. Great for Padding Your Resume

    For most people, life moves at a fast pace. Regardless of the reason, you might find that your resume looks a bit sparse. Potential employers are going to wonder why there are gaps in any resume. You can help avoid this problem by partnering with a temp agency. By working temp jobs, you’re able to use these experiences as padding for your resume.
  3. Preparation for Landing a Job

    It’s understandable to need a little extra help finding a job. Many companies offer help for new employees by providing an adequate onboarding program. In fact, statistics show that new hires taking part in structured onboarding programs are 58% more likely to remain with a business after three years. Before landing a job and receiving this type of training, it’s important to have a great looking resume. In addition, it helps to brush up on your interview skills. Fortunately, many temp agencies will help applicants prepare their resumes. These agencies can also offer helpful hints regarding what a potential employer is looking for. Armed with this information, you’ll stand a much better chance at landing a position than if you’re randomly filling out job applications.
  4. Certain Positions Are Temporary to Permanent

    Certain people might want to avoid working in temporary positions for a long time. However, you’ll want to know that many agencies offer temporary to permanent jobs. These positions entail you working for a specified amount of time for a company. If everything goes well, it’s likely the company will reach out to offer you a permanent position.

In conclusion, temp agencies are great places for people who need help finding a job. In fact, statistics show that over 3 million people are able to find temporary and contract work each week while working for America’s staffing companies. If you need help finding a job, strongly consider contacting a temp agency.

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