4 Plumbing Solutions Every Homeowner Needs to Know

Trenchless pipe bursting

Have you ever experienced a major plumbing problem? If you have, you’re probably shuttering at the memory right now. The slightest underground pipe breakage can lead to the entire foundation of your home being ripped apart so that your plumber can access and replace the problematic pipes. This leads to costly bills for excavation, demolition, plumbing, and then renovation. Here are 4 tips to avoid this nightmare:

1. Schedule Timely Plumbing Maintenance…An Ounce Of Prevention And All That Jazz

Experts recommend that you have a plumbing professional review the pipes in your home if it is more than 40 years old. Even if your home hasn’t reached it’s 40th birthday yet, scheduling a simple plumbing well-check is an inexpensive and easy way catch a problem before it is a problem and can save you a major headache in the long-run.

2. Be Smart About Where You Put Your Trees

Another simple preventative measure is to avoid planting trees near sewer pipes. Tree roots can grow into your sewer lines, leading to thousands of dollars in repairs. When planting a tree, bear in mind that a mature tree’s root system will extend approximately 12 inches down and reach outwards by 2 to 3 times the width of the tree. Be conscious of this any time you choose the location of a new tree in your yard.

3. Choose Hydro Jetting Sewer Lines Rather Than Snaking Them

Hydro jetting plumbing is similar to the idea of pressure washing the inside of your pipes. When you have a clogged pipe, hydro jetting sewer lines is more long-term and effective than snaking it. Snaking the pipe just clears a path the width of the auger that is put through the pipe, leaving build-up everywhere else. As debris builds up, the clog will form again. Conversely, hydro jetting sewer lines washes them clean. If a tree root does invade your sewer line system, hydro jetting sewer lines can actually break up the root and push it through the pipes without using an invasive method. Before using a hydro jetting services, your plumber will need to do a sewer camera inspection to ensure there are no preexisting pipe issues that will be exacerbated by the high pressure of the hydro jetting. However, often the cost of the camera drain inspection is included in the price of hydro jetting service.

4. Opt For Trenchless Plumbing Repair Rather Than Traditional Dig-and-Replace Solutions

When the pipe damage is extensive, new plumbing technology that has only been used in residential plumbing for the last 10 to 15 years now enables plumbing professionals to fix the pipe without demolition getting to the pipes! Trenchless pipe rehabilitation involves installing an epoxy pipe lining within the existing pipe to repair the damage without needing to dig it up and replace it. Sometimes the cost of trenchless repair solutions are about 30-50% higher than the traditional dig-and-replace options, however the savings of not having to tear apart the foundation of your home and then restore it can reach the thousands! Additionally, some trenchless pipe lining companies offer a lifetime warranty. Finding a company that offers a lifetime warranty ensures that the savings you get with a trenchless solution really protects your home, plumbing, and investment in the long-term!

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