4 Benefits of Working with Freight Forwarders

As companies continue to grow, they face many challenges. While learning that more items are being shipped is often great news, it can create stressful situations. Your business might now need to come up with new shipping solutions. During these situations, it’s helpful to partner with freight forwarders. It’s understandable to wonder how a freight forwarder is helpful for your business. With that in mind, here is how a freight forwarding business can help your company.

Understanding Freight Forwarding

It’s easy to hear the term freight forwarding and be confused. Fortunately, you’ll find that this concept is actually helpful for many companies. Freight forwarding simply means having a third party company handle shipping and logistic concerns. For instance, freight forwarders can help you find the best method of shipping to utilize. Statistics show that the air cargo industry accounts for nearly 30% of the total worldwide shipment value. Freight forwarders will look closer at data to find out which transportation methods works the best. However, this isn’t where the benefits of working with freight forwarders end.

Benefits of Working with a Freight Forwarder

If your business ships goods to customers or other businesses, you likely know how much time and effort these matters take. As your company gets larger, you’ll often have more partners and customers that require shipments. In turn, you’ll want to have a freight forwarding company on your side. Here are four important benefits of working with a freight forwarding service.

  1. Finding the Best Possible Rates

    The freight forwarding process can be daunting for any company. You’ll likely find it takes a long time to find the best shipping rate and partners. Considering that, many companies partner with freight forwarders. In turn, you don’t have to spend time sorting through large amounts of suppliers. Best of all, freight forwarders sort through these companies while finding your business the best possible shipping rates.
  2. Not Needing Additional Warehouse Space

    There are many costs a company faces while in business. It’s important to avoid excess spending, especially in regard to storage space. Many companies have to purchase additional storage space for their supplies. As your company continues to become more popular, you’ll need additional storage space. If you’re trying to increase profits, costs associated with storing goods can make this seem impossible. Fortunately, you’ll be glad to know that freight forwarders are often able to utilize their own warehouse storage areas.
  3. Accurately Preparing Shipping Documentation

    Another major hassle for any company is preparing complex shipping documents. However, these documents must be created for record keeping purposes. Freight forwarding companies ensure that all shipping documents are prepared properly. In turn, this ensures that working relationships between your company and other businesses remains positive. Freight forwarders typically ship goods across the world, meaning they have extensive knowledge regarding international shipping policies.
  4. Tracking Shipments on Behalf of Your Company

    While you’ve learned how freight forwarding improves relationships, it’s important to think of your own business. If you’ve ever dealt with slow shipping times, you know how frustrating this situation feels. That being said, freight forwarders keep you informed regarding your company’s shipments. In turn, you won’t feel left in the dark while waiting to hear where your company’s good currently are.

To summarize, there are several ways that freight forwarding companies help your business. These services work to ensure that your company utilizes the best possible shipping options. Many companies work with freight forwarding businesses to receive point to point transportation. This type of transportation decreases traveling time while reducing the chance of goods becoming damaged. No matter which type of transportation or shipping concerns you face, freight forwarders will help solve these problems.

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