4 Advantages to Outsourcing Your Hiring This Year

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Did you know that 57% of companies agree that employee retention is a problem? If you?ve been struggling with human resources, you may want to consider the benefits of outsourcing your hiring.

Many companies prefer not to outsource their hiring. Many assume it?s an unnecessary expense that will not add much value to their everyday operations. However, there are a few advantages worth seriously considering. Let?s review.

1. Human Resources Consultants are Experienced

As a company owner, you may be adept at a lot of things, but you?re likely not that adept at hiring. Hiring is a special skillset that requires identifying common patterns among candidates who are likely to be successful and stay at one company for a number of years. It?s been noted in research studies that bosses will often hire employees who seem like they?d make ?good friends.? While there?s nothing wrong with this, it?s worth realizing that most of us have inherent biases that can eventually lead to us ignoring candidates who would otherwise fare great.

2. An Outplacement Company Will Typically Guarantee a Candidate

You don?t want to go through the efforts of using a recruiting company to get a candidate, only to have that candidate up and leave a couple months later. Talent acquisition companies care about their reputation and they?re going to make sure you get top qualified candidates for any position. They have a vested interest in making sure you get good candidates, as this helps sustain their business as well.

3. Recruiting Reaches Further Than Your LinkedIn Post

When you try to find employees by yourself, you?re not always getting the top pool of applicants. Why? Many of the most ideal applicants are already at other jobs. Talent consultant companies will often ?poach? applicants from these jobs, for a position at your company, allowing you to have some of the brightest minds available. It also means that the people they are choosing aren?t necessarily the type to get easily dissatisfied with their job — they just don?t want to turn down the great offer that is your company.

4. You Won’t Waste Your Time

Even if you just take a few minutes to read through every resume and cover letter you receive, this will take up hours of your day — and this will happen every time you have an open position. And this isn’t even counting the amount of time that goes into contacting these potential employees, setting up interview times, interviewing them, reviewing the outcome of the interview, seeing who actually accepts an offer… etc. The hiring process can be a long one and this is why businesses that don’t hire an outplacement company often have to have a talent acquisition employee on full-time. By outsourcing, you can ensure that your entire team is focused on the task at hand.

Would you consider working with an outplacement company for your hiring? Let us know in the comments.

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