3 Ways of Floor Protection during Renovations

Whether it is made out of hardwood, linoleum or tiled, floor protection for painting during a renovation, construction activities or decoration is something that must be considered. When in need of floor protectors, there are several options that you can consider depending on your situation or your budget. Here are some of the best ways to protect your floor from paint stains.

Plastic Drop Sheets or Clothes
Plastic drops sheets or clothes method will be efficient when looking for floor protection for painting, but you are on a tight budget. Thick plastics and clothes are the most suitable for the floor; however, they should not be used on stairs because they are slippery. Several manufacturers produce biodegradable plastic materials, and some produce paper backed plastic drop sheets to minimize slippage. If you need an efficient construction floor protection method, this one is worth noting because it’s not only effective but also cost-effective. Also, the drop sheet can be used to cover door frames during painting.

Heavy Paper Rolls
Heavy paper rolls method of floor protection for painting and general construction comes with various varieties of length and width and can easily be laid down over a floor. They are also not expensive; however, they can easily tear if exposed to wetness. So, when looking for floor protection that is environmentally friendly, consider this one.

Heavy paper rolls can also be used to cover carpets when renovating the interior side of houses. A carpet can never be 100% clean and can have about a pound of dirt in a square yard even when it looks spotless. They are good at absorbing dirt, so cover it properly during painting.

Single-faced Corrugated Cardboard
Singled-faced corrugated cardboard can reduce the cost you can to incur in replacing counter tops and floors that have been damaged after construction or renovation activities. It is also advantageous because once construction has been concluded; it can also be rolled up and stored to be re-used later when needed.

The floor protection for painting gives strong protection and can also be easily cut and shaped into odd sizes and fittings. There are many floor protections that you can use when painting your house. Just choose what suits your home or budget.

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