3 Types of Office Supplies That Will Improve Your Business

Do you work in an office that goes through office supplies frequently? If so, you are probably searching for new and unique office supplies to add to your shopping list each week. Having a variety of office supplies makes everyone’s life easier. Instead of constantly running out to the store for a last-minute item that someone needs, if you keep your office fully stocked with a wide variety of options, every employee will have just what they need to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Interested in learning about a different office supplies you should add to your business from book binding repair materials, to colored printable labels, to color coding dot sticker? Keep reading for more information about how unique office supplies may be just what your business needs to perform.

3 Types of Office Supplies That Will Improve Your Business

At your office, you probably have the standard supplies laying around like pens, notebooks, paper clips, and a stapler or two. However, you may not have considered how your business could thrive with more unique supplies like book binding repair tools and printable circle labels. This is especially true if your office prepares items to sell or ship frequently. Here’s three types of office supplies that could make your business more efficient.

1. Book binding repair materials

Regardless of what business you are in, your office probably uses books often to brush up on information, to hand out to clients, or to simply decorate the space. Whatever the reason your office has books laying around, you want them to be in top condition so that you can get the most use out of them.

Books nowadays can be lengthy, thick, and easy to damage. In fact, most novels contain up to 110,000 words and run around 280-320 pages, depending on how large the font is, what the spacing is like inbetween words and lines, and what the size of the pages are. To help keep your books in top condition, consider adding adhesive tape or book binding glue to your office. This makes for an easy book binding repair when someone in your office really needs these tools.

2. Adhesive label tape

If your office ships items frequently throughout the week, it could be a good idea to invest in some adhesive label tape. When shipping items, you want to make sure everything is properly labeled so as to not cause confusion. You would not want to ship the wrong packages to the incorrect locations.

UPS deals with more than 15.8 million packages each and every day so it is best if you make sure your packages are labeled properly prior to handing them off. With more than 65 billion packages shipped around the world in 2016 alone, this shows how difficult it can be to track down your package if you were to ship it to the wrong location.

3. Color coding stickers

Using color coding can increase organization and decrease confusion in multiple ways. First off, in the office alone you should make good use of colored dot stickers, colored adhesive tape, and color coding stickers. When it comes to your office supply room or closet, the use of color coding could help everyone find what they need faster. This means everyone can get their jobs done more efficiently rather than wasting time searching for what they need.

Next, if your business sells things, color coding can help make the sale. Statistics show that when you associate a color with your business or your brand, it helps increase recognition by 80 percent. Customers even say that color contribute to why they buy a product. 85 percent of shoppers are more likely to stop and buy an item if color is used in an attractive way.

However, it is also important to keep in mind that some people are color blind so using labeling with words and not just colors is a good idea, too. 1 in 12 men are color blind and 1 in 200 women are affected by this throughout the world.

Which of these office supplies are you considering adding to your business? They all serve a purpose and could make your business more efficient, organized, and productive overall.

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