3 Tips for Hiring the Right Street Sweeping Company

Maintaining a clean exterior of your business can be as important as keeping it clean inside. Many customers and potential customers will bypass a store or business if the parking lot and/or the sidewalks are full of litter and other debris. Hiring a street sweeping company can also remove material that would otherwise clog drains and lead to flooding from rain or melting snow. Street sweeper trucks are responsible for getting rid of tons of garbage and other debris from city streets each year.

If you are looking to hire a company with street sweeper trucks to clean your parking areas or provide event cleaning services you should consider the following:

Check the company’s references and reviews. Like any service, you need to know the contract sweeping services company is reputable and knows what they are doing. One way to find a decent company is to ask businesses in the area who they use. Check websites like Yelp! and Facebook for testimonials and references. Check with your local Better Business Bureau. When you call around to get quotes, ask about their current and past clients. Remember that people are more likely to complain than compliment so do not read too much into one or two bad reviews.

Not all asphalt is created equal. There are different levels of porosity. More and more companies are using more porous concrete as it has been shown to be better for rainwater runoff. What kind of pavement you have will dictate the best kind of equipment to use to clean it. An experienced and reputable street sweeping company will ask about your specific lot and bring the appropriate equipment. They will also work with you and explain their plans to give you the best results. If a company does not want to answer your questions or explain their process, go somewhere else.

Size matters. Just as different pavements will require different cleaning equipment, the size and shape of your lot will determine what kind of equipment and street sweeping trucks should be used to clean it. Some surfaces are best cleaned with a straight vacuum type system. Machines that are more maneuverable are important for smaller areas and winding driveways. The parking lot cleaning services company you hire should be able to develop a plan and have the correct equipment, including the correct street sweeper trucks to produce the best results.

In the same way that the exterior of a home matters to how it is perceived, how the exterior of a business can make or break that crucial first impression. Having litter, waste and other debris on the sidewalk or in the parking lot can impact how people view your company and discourage people from entering. On the flip side of that coin, if the area in front of your business is clean and clear, it will make a good impression. This will encourage new business and make your company appear more welcoming and professional.

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