3 Reasons to Rent Temporary Office Space Even if You Have a Permanent Office

Office space for rent

One of the newest trends in the business and corporate world is the influx in temporary office space rental. Instead of signing long-term leases or outright owning the real estate many entrepreneurs and small business owners especially are finding cheap office spaces for rent to coordinate some or all of their operations. The recent popularity of startups have contributed to the already expansive small business industry in America. There are currently about 28 million small businesses in the U.S. which are defined as those that employ less than 500 employees, according to the Small Business Association.

These companies turn to temporary office space for its affordability, flexibility, and availability. However, there are ways larger and more established businesses, even ones that already have permanent home office space, can benefit from office space rentals as well. Here are three reasons.

    1.) Maintenance/Repairs: Even the best offices are going to need regular maintenance and repair to keep a quality working environment. Some things can be done simultaneously while normal business is functioning, but other tasks might require the building be vacated. Electrical work that requires the power be shut off would surely make it hard to work on a computer. An office could be quarantined for a few days if any sort of fumigation or pest control is needed. Even just the loud banging of hammers and drills could be enough for you to consider moving your operation to a temporary office space while your main base is worked on.

    2.) Business Trip: Many businesses will require some type of travel at some point for things like sales meeting, or industry conferences. This type of office is perfect if you need a professional place to meet a potential partner or client. Most office lease rental terms are so flexible they’ll let you rent for just an hour or two. Enough time for a makeshift meeting or to go over the plan for the weekend.

    3.) Special Occasion/Function: Even if you have a permanent office space, that doesn’t mean it’s a particularly big space. If you need a conference sized room to celebrate a company anniversary, employee birthday, or some other special function temporary office space is the route to go. Again, you can generally rent them for as long or little as you want at an affordable price making them a great alternative to cramming everyone into the extra meeting room/supply closet.


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