3 Reasons to Keep the Office Clean

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Whether you are a client based company or not, the office is ‘home base’ offering a safe place to concentrate and focus. You probably spend most of your day, if not all of it, in the office. You may even meet business associates or clients there and like it or not, first impressions will set the tone for the rest of your professional relationship. It’s important to keep up on a clean office for your sake, your employee’s comfort and your client’s opinion. Now, let’s delve a little deeper into the reasons you may not to hire office cleaning services to keep your work place looking its best.

  1. Professional Image
    As mentioned above, your imagine is very important to clients and business associates. There’s nothing that says unprofessional more than a disorganized and messy office. This can give the impression that you do not care about your business and consequently about them either. The best case scenario is that they understand you are a disorganized person and forgive that, but it won’t instill a lot of confidence about your ability to offer them what they need without losing the paperwork or forgetting something important. Worst case scenario: they leave and take their business with them, determining that you are not fit to be running a company.

    You have heard it before, you can’t get a first impression back. Many people ask for ‘do overs’ or ‘can we start again’s but the truth is, you can’t. That first image and impression is stuck in a person’s head forever and they will also subconsciously reference that for as long as they are doing business with you. Janitorial services will eliminate the risk of a bad first impression.
  2. Productivity
    Having a clean and organized environment has been proven to boost productivity. Just think about your own desk: when everything has a place and is clean, it is a lot easier to work quickly and efficiently but when your desk is an array of papers and flurry, you spend most of your time looking for things and not really getting anything done. Also, it is a distraction. Most people can not really concentrate when something is messy. They will keep being distracted by all the other stuff, namely cleaning, that needs to get done.

    Hiring office cleaning services will help them also because they can concentrate solely on work and not on the extra chores around the office.

    Imagine going in to a messy office and sitting down with an associate only to have them never look you in the eye and barely look at the work because they are constantly glancing around the room. Not only is it rude, you would think they are simply not interested in your business.

    Studies have proven that employees work so much better in a clean environment. In fact, those same studies have stated that employees actually enjoy going to work a lot more, resulting in less call offs and higher attendance.
  3. Health
    A good reason to hire professional office cleaning services is because even if an office appears to be clean, if it has not been properly dusted and vacuumed,there is something called a dust mite that looks like a very ugly mix of a spider, cockroach and bed bug living in the carpets and fabrics around the office. While these dust mites do not bite and cannot be seen with the naked eye they do cause allergies to flare up and respiration problems.

    These issues will make your employees feel tired and run down all day causing low productivity or even a need to go home early.

    Not only that, but sicknesses could be prevalent in a dirty environment. Flu, colds, coughs, etc. could be held in the office because of the lack of antibacterial cleaning supplies to get rid of them causing sickness to spread quickly throughout the office.

    Healthy employees are happy employees, simply put. They preform better with higher quality work.

These are the three main reasons why you should take care of your work place. Hire professional office cleaning services and get the job done right the first time.

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